What does a Healthy Lifestyle When Pregnant really do for you?


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It took Caroline Edwards a long time to conceive her bambino. When she finally got the great news they were expecting, she was ecstatic. Like most mamas, she wanted only the best for her baby. Caroline committed to maintaining the healthy lifestyle she had before baby during her pregnancy…and did it pay off you wonder? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. Caroline’s secret weapon for staying on track with healthy eating.
  2. How exercise helped her lose the weight fast & get out of the baby blues funk.
  3. Why taking pics can be about more than just posterity

Who is Caroline Edwards?

Caroline Edwards is a food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer & new mom.  She’s the owner of, where she makes baking healthier! Caroline and her family live in South Carolina. 


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  • Rachek

    I feel like I am still missing information here. What types of foods did you eat ? How many calories did you consume? How long and how often did you with out? I am hearing a lot about being healthy but not a lot of facts behind it.

    • Caroline

      Hey Rachek,

      You’ll have to excuse my lack of detailed facts. I was quite nervous. :) As for the foods that I ate, I had at least one salad for a meal per day. I had around 7 small (200-250 calorie) meals per day. Of course, I enjoyed treats now and then. Mini Sonic Blasts were my kryptonite. :D I also tried it mix up what I was eating to get a well rounded diet.

      As for my workouts, I walked almost every day, at least 3 miles if not up to 5 miles each time. If I couldn’t fit in a walk or wanted to change it up a bit, I’d do a prenatal workout video off of you-tube. I also attended a prenatal yoga class once a week that helped me tremendously. Let me know if I can help any more!

      chocolate & carrots

  • Rachek

    Sorry, work out not with out

  • Libby

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! Such an inspiration- I’m only 6 months along and I’ve already gained as much as you did- haha! I have such a hard time finding the time to meal plan, exercise, etc – how did you do it?
    I have the best intentions, but I’m working extra hours to accure more leave before the baby comes and by the time I get home at night I’m just exhausted!

    • yourbabybooty

      Oh that’s a good question Libby. Time management when you’re so exhausted is so difficult!

    • Caroline

      Hey Libby,

      I was blessed to be able to work from home and set my own hours, making time management a little more flexible. But, now that I have Liam (8 months old), I’ll say that it’s definitely gotten harder, so here’s what I’d suggest and what I currently do as far as meal planning goes:

      Saturday: take a couple of hours to meal plan (which doesn’t take long since I subscribe to and coupon, planning the trip to the store(s)
      Saturday/Sunday: Go grocery shopping for the rest of the week. (Crock pot meals have been my life saver…I have one cooking right now.)
      Side note: Before Liam came, my husband and I literally spent an entire weekend making freezer meals for after baby came. These were a major help and I should probably make some more now that things have settled down. Here’s where I detailed what we made along with a grocery list for it:

      With exercising, I’m lucky in that my husband and I enjoy running/walking together. With his crazy school/work schedule, we have the most daylight hours to exercise on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unless it’s raining, we almost always make it a point to exercise MWF before dinner (which if you’ve made a crock pot meal, will be waiting for you when you’re back at home). Otherwise, Saturday and Sunday, we just exercise at our leisure. Even when I was pregnant, that was our usual schedule…of course with naps here and there when I didn’t have Liam, too! :)

      I know you must be exhausted working such long hours, but maybe you could squeeze in an exercise (like yoga, pilates or walking) in the morning before work since you’ll be most rested, giving you a jump start on your day. Meal planning is a must and have a few back up meals that you can always put together if you just don’t have any clue of what to make (like a nice salad, homemade hummus with baked pita chips and pre-sliced veggies, whole wheat spaghetti with marinara and frozen spinach, omelets with loads of vegetables, etc.).

      I wish you a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy and of course a smooth delivery and healthy baby! Let me know if I can help any more!

      chocolate & carrots