Pregnant in America Recap



Your Baby Booty- Pregnant in AmericaThis film challenges ‘the norm’ of American birth. While the film does a great job challenging your assumptions & asks some great questions (which we love), it slants big time with an ‘anti-hospital’ & ‘anti-medical’ stance.

Lumping the entire ‘medical community’ (providers & hospitals) under one umbrella & insinuating you can’t get high quality Evidence Based Care is bogus {btw- there are midwives who do out of hospital births who do not practice Evidence Based Care}.

Fact: Hospitals, Doctors, C-sections & other interventions save lives. We suggest a better question to focus on is “how do we get the best Evidence Based Care wherever we feel most comfortable giving birth?” {and then look into home births, birthing centers & our hospital options- most birthing classes get an F for educating you on ‘what the evidence says’ & about all your options}. You’ll learn as much by learning what you don’t want, as you will by learning what you want. 

Each hospital & each provider is different. A hospital birth is most definitely not for everyone…& neither is a home birth. 

It’s a fact (from studies done by medical researchers themselves) that many hospitals & providers do not practice Evidence Based Care…and that is a major problem in maternity care {and risk you should consider as you select your specific hospital & provider}.

It’s kinda like anything else…

All hospitals & providers are not created equal. Some hospitals & providers are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. And some most definitely are not. Just like there are great cops & bad cops, great attorneys & the John Edwards types, incredible teachers & complete waste of time teachers…doctors are just people & hospitals are made up of people…ya know?

Putting medical providers on a pedestal assuming they all provide incredible evidence based care is a big mistake. Equally as bad is assuming hospitals & doctors can’t provide exceptional evidence based care.

It’s up to us to be educated & find the best care.

We most def appreciate that the film & their team set out to challenge the status quo. When is rocking the boat a bad thing? The status quo in Maternity Care needs to be challenged.

This film reminded us of one very important Takeaway: No One Will Look Out for You {& Your Baby} Better Than You! It’s up to US (as expectant mamas), to determine what we want, what is right for us, then find someone who’ll work hard to support us wherever & however we want to labor & birth.

Your decisions play a super important role in how your pregnancy & birth go down. They GREATLY affect the outcome of your birth. According to 100’s of moms we’ve talked with, ‘blindly giving all your decision making power away is a recipe for regret’.

Highlights that’ll make you think:

Babies births are not being determined by nature, but by doctors & hospitals schedules. Births occur when they are most convenient for the hospital & doctor.

Hospitals are trying to “McDonaldize” birth- they’re trying to schedule everything for specific times, efficiency & control.

-there is quite a bit of discussion around ‘are homebirths safe?”

-show visit to Holland where 84% of births are at home- very few complications

-medical care has brain washed women into thinking they need a shiny hospital and OB next to them.

-there is more bacteria in a hospital than anywhere else, especially at home.

-are you a patient or a client? {meaning- are you sick with something wrong or are you hiring someone to help YOU carry out one of the best days of you life?}

-you as a woman have to give birth on your own (there are medical tools there to help if medically required, but it’s your thing)

-Midwives had expert knowledge in all cultures. Medicine came in and took much of its knowledge from midwives, then labeled them as ‘tinkerers’

-drugs interfere with the natural hormone flow in women

-Pitocin is one of most dangerous drugs in the hospital

-Between 1990 and 2000- induction rate doubled (during same years- babies born between Monday -Friday shot way up)-Inductions are being offered to fit doctor’s schedules.

-doctors use intervention for convenience, then have to ‘save the baby’ from the problems the intervention caused (mom’s failure to progress, baby’s heart decelerations often caused from intensity of contractions using Pitocin)

-quote from former head of Women’s Health at the World Health Organization…“there isn’t a woman in this country who would Ever Ever Ever put her baby at risk for convenience.” – Mardsen Wagner

-there is a general perception in a hospital that “if you don’t give birth by XX date…’oh god, something’s wrong’”

-it’s more efficient for doctors to do C-Sections (and they make a lot more money). Average C-section takes an our as compared to average normal labor which takes 17 hours.

-Why is US C-section rate so high? Because the people you have taking care of you are surgeons trained to find problems and use their skills to operate.

-“Give a man a hammer and everything looks like a nail.” Well to an Ob/Gyn, every problem looks like a surgical problem that an operation can fix.

Did you watch the film yet? What did you think & why?

And most of all, what real life experience have you had regarding anything in the movie that by sharing will help other moms?