How Is It Possible to Have A Homebirth in a Hospital?


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(with Dr. Stacie Kerr, mom, author, speaker, MD) If a nurturing midwife type of maternity care got married to a hospital medical type of care, they’d have a baby called “integrative care.”

If you like the benefits of homebirth, but just can’t get comfortable being out of the hospital…that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have some of the key benefits of a homebirth, right there in your hospital room. To teach you how to get these benefits, Dr. Stacey Kerr shares the 5 Keys to a successful “integrative” birth.

There are lots of jaw-dropping, light bulb moments during this interview, like Dr. Kerr illustrating how interventions can be compared to interrupting someone when they’re trying to reach an orgasm during sex.  

Dr. Stacey Kerr decided that family practice medicine was the area in which she wanted to practice after realizing that it offered her the opportunity to deliver babies, care for mother, the father, as well as the children & grandparents. Currently Dr. Kerr is retired from family practice but can be found regularly speaking at conferences, engaging with expectant mamas on her website, facebook page & enjoying her grandkids. She has even served as a volunteer doula for her former patients- who can’t imagine a birth without her. Check out Dr. Kerr at & her facebook page. [private Premium Membership|Gift-Premium Membership|Coaching|Vault]


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