Exercising while Pregnant: What exercises can I do to get ready for Labor & Birth?


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(with Julie Tupler, R.N., Certified Childbirth Educator & Certified Fitness Instructor) You just found out you’re pregnant and you suddenly get bombarded with a whole host of things you “can’t do” “shouldn’t do” “stay away from…”

But when it comes to exercise and fitness, what’s the deal? What exercises are safe and even helpful to do when pregnant? And what do we need to know about doing them correctly?

Julie shares her years of experience with exactly that- helping mamas navigate the exercise and fitness maze during pregnancy. In fact, Julie’s approach is a bit different than you’ll probably read or hear about. She teaches women to strengthen muscles (including abs), while also learning how to relax them so they”ll serve you well in labor & especially when it’s time to push.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. Exercises you can do to relax the pelvic floor (and why it’s important)
  2. Exercises to definitely stay away from while pregnant.
  3. Why strengthening your abdominals could help your pushing (and why that matters)
  4. What a diastasis recti is & how it can affect you during pregnancy & childbirth.

Who is Julie Tupler?

Julie is the creator of the Tupler Technique® which is a program of exercises & fitness for women in any stage of life (including pregnancy). She is a registered nurse (R.N.) & that coupled with her background as a Certified Childbirth Educator & Certified Fitness Instructor led her to becoming an expert on Diastasis Recti & creating programs for expectant mamas like her Tupler Technique® Perfect Pushing. Julie is the author of “Maternal Fitness” & “Lose Your Mummy Tummy” & is on the advisory board of Fit Pregnancy. Julie is also a mama herself! Links mentioned in the interview:

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  • Ashley

    I hadn’t ever thought of strengthening my muscles so they could relax and help me during birth. Interesting examples she gave, I’ll check out her book. Thanks for posting this, good stuff in here.

    • Sarah Blight

      Hi Ashley,
      Do you have a current exercise regime that you do? I really liked the analogy of the toothpaste tube that she used:)

  • Summer

    I just watched the other exercise interview you did on Yoga. These are so helpful to learn how they help during birth! Thanks for sharing these! I wonder how many moms have used the Tupler technique she talks about?

    • Sarah Blight

      Great question Summer! I’m not sure how many mamas have used it. It seems like those mamas who opt for an epidural would especially benefit from it.

  • Dani Stone

    how about using weights while working out during pregnancy. I am a very fit woman and I don’t want the pregnancy to reduce my stamina. 9 months not working out will drive me crazy!