What is a Doula? Do I need a Doula?


Doula (doola) comes from the Greek word meaning “woman who serves”. Labor support is incredibly comforting, encouraging & empowering all at the same time. Because labor is emotionally & physically demanding, it’s super valuable to have one person whose sole job is to attend to you and your partner’s needs.

It’s like having an extremely knowledgeable & well-trained personal coach who’s looking out for you during labor & birth.

What are a few examples how Doulas might help me?

1. A doula might see you feeling discomfort and know exactly where to put pressure on your lower back relieving all that pressure (or may nudge your spouse to apply the pressure himself). You didn’t know to ask & your spouse just didn’t know. This example happened to us, it was super helpful.

2. They may notice that your labor is slowing down and suggest that you switch positions- get in the birthing tub, or in the shower or sit on the birthing ball. (Research shows that changing positions during labor keeps it going- learn more about birth positions here).

3. Or as you’re working hard to deliver your baby and the doctor mentions an episiotomy (which you communicated you didn’t want, unless for extreme medical need), they might make sure you are aware & understand what the doctor is getting ready to do, so you can tell the doctor you don’t want one. 

What do Doulas do YourBabyBooty.comPersonal ExampleOne of the biggest benefits we found was in the middle of all Sarah’s hard work. During labor & delivery, the Doula helped both of us & especially Steve be in & “enjoy” the moment an absolute ton more than if we were on our own. Steve was actively helping, he wasn’t just sitting & watching, but the Doula really helped him soak more of the experience up. Sarah was able to as well, ‘cause she knew she had someone constantly looking out for her who was there the entire time, and was well trained. We were really happy we had a Doula, especially considering our doubts in the beginning if a doula was worth the money. Highly recommend a Doula!

Doulas Are Not Trained Medically. Doulas never take the place of your medical provider & do not make medical decisions.

But isn’t My Spouse Gonna feel left out in the cold?

A big concern is “how” or “if” Doulas kinda hijack some intimacy away from the experience or make the dad-to-be feel inadequate or not needed. Great question & legit concern! Having talked with tons of moms, dads, doctors & midwives…we’ve yet to hear of this happening. We think it’s because the couples we talked to interviewed several doulas and chose the doula they BOTH felt most comfortable with.

Not all doulas are created equal. In order to feel fully supported and get the max benefit from a doula- choose one who you’d really like to hang with outside of birth and get good vibes from (assuming you’ve grilled them with birth questions & they know their stuff). Most Doulas respect birth on a deep level & want nothing more than for your birth to be your moment.

What Does the Research say about having Labor & Birth support like Doulas?

A study from the Cochrane Institute of over 15,000 women concluded “continuous support during labour [sic] has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm. All women should have support throughout labour and birth”.

Research shows women with continuous support:

  1. Have a decreased chance of a C-Section, forceps delivery or vacuum assisted birth. 
  2. Are less likely to use pain medications. 
  3. Have slightly shorter labors. 
  4. Are more likely to give birth spontaneously (baby gives off hormone starting labor). 
  5. Are more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience. 

Here’s a Good Question… What if a medical provider said… “Hey mama, there’s new technology we’ve developed & it can give you all of the benefits listed above, without you having to put anything in your body (or baby’s body) & there are effectively NONE of the RISKS. None.” Would you be interested?

That technology is available right now…as in today…as in ‘come & get it’…but you don’t hear many providers telling you about it. The super beneficial technology is called Continuous Birth Support or Doulas.

“Doula care is a place where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of very expensive cure…” Childbirth Connection  click to tweet

It’s just good ole’ fashioned “giving a damn”…and it’s done by someone standing, kneeling, laying by the laboring or birthing mom-to-be’s side, making sure her needs are met & she feels completely emotionally & physically tended to. It’s amazing what a little old school human touch can do.

Right now, we have what every medical technology company, every hospital and every drug company could only dream of creating. If all the benefits listed above were the result of a drug {that also had zero risk}, can you flippin’ imagine the price a drug company would put on that puppy? Or how much that technology would cost a hospital to buy?

We have the technology…it’s a caring human soul giving a laboring & birthing mom what she needs.


Doulas are an increasingly popular choice for couples in labor – Most women (and spouses) have better experiences on every possible level. And an added bonus… healthcare costs are reduced due to fewer interventions & complications.

Not every doula is created equal! Get recommendations from friends and family. Interview a few and see who you click with. You definitely want someone who you and your spouse feel comfortable with.

Are Doula’s worth the money? Find out here. 

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