Types of Providers | Should I use an Ob/Gyn or Midwife? And why…


Birth ChoicesYou & your baby will do all the hard work during Pregnancy & Childbirth. Whoever you hire as your Provider (Doctor or Midwife) will catch your baby. It’s important to know that different providers support you in very, different ways.

The evidence shows “those different ways” have a big influence how your labor & birth unfolds and how you handle labor & birth overall.

One provider’s way isn’t right and one wrong…they’re just different. Kinda like the East Coast & West Coast….both are legit in their own unique ways, but one will, most likely, suit your personality more.

For example: Do you prefer a more personalized & nurturing style of care or maybe you’d rather have a more standardized less nurturing “just let me be” style of care?

Or here’s another great analogy…your girlfriends. Each of us have different types of relationships with our home girls. We respond to them in various ways, talk to them using different vocab or mannerisms. Some girlfriends you can totally let your guard down, be 100% yourself with & trust to the end of time, while others talk more than they listen & they never really ‘get you’.

It’s the same with providers. You’ll find different personalities & styles of care to support your needs with each provider. We have a fabulous interview with a 35+ year veteran provider that gives you details on what to expect with each kind of care…check it out here: Comparing Ob/Gyn to Midwifery care: Side-by-side & Step-by-step…What would each care be like for you?

The question to ask is “what do I want & need for my birth?” and “who do I trust to help get me there?” click to tweet

You’re hiring someone to help bring your baby into this world. That’s a big deal. Their job should be to listen & learn what you want. Then to work hard with you, as a team, to support your goals, while keeping you & baby safe. It’s a partnership.

You make decisions together. Yep, together.  You are the dream team. 

You’re the expert on your body since you’ve been joined at the womb with your baby for practically a year. You know & can feel things about you and your baby that your provider can’t, won’t & never will.  

Your provider is the expert on the science of your body, the birth process, and when to intervene if additional help is needed. Potentially that combo of open communication & teamwork with your provider is a wicked 1-2 punch of “let’s get this started” awesomeness.


Some providers will support you (your wishes and desires as well as your self-knowledge) & others won’t.

Providers are in the service business. They are serving YOU & helping you bring your baby in the world. Don’t settle. There are incredible doctors & midwives out there. It just may take some time to find them.

A large part of a provider’s care is dependent on where you birth. It’s important you talk & walk through the basic birth scenarios to understand how they make decisions & what their game plan is to support you.

For example, as you’re interviewing providers you could say:

Hi Mr./Mrs. Provider, I’m shooting for spontaneous vaginal birth (meaning no planned induction) in a hospital & with an Epidural. I’ve learned (from Your Baby Booty) that labor can stall out for different reasons, what are your thoughts on “failure to progress” if I & the baby are doing just fun and have no signs of distress (meaning no medical need to induce)? Why do you think that?

But all I want is a healthy baby…

That’s what we all want! But there are different ways to get there & some will make you much happier than others. It’s kinda like the girl who “just wants to get married”, so she accepts the first marriage proposal that comes her way, even though the guy is NOT her soul mate. Yes, she got married but the repercussions of that go far beyond the wedding day. It’s similar to birth.

You can walk away from birth with a healthy baby, but with other challenges like: difficulty breastfeeding, surgical wounds, episiotomies, etc. All of which likely could have been avoided.

Many moms say birth was one of the, if not THE, most defining & important moments of their lives. It matters who you hire to help you have THE BEST birth possible. 

You Have Options. Date Your Provider.

Experienced OB/Gyns & Midwives suggest you interview them right after you find out you’re pregs. Or  if you’re super gung-ho do it when you’re thinking about starting a family.

We call this “Dating Your Doctor or Midwife.”  By “dating” a few providers early on (and asking good questions), you’ll get a gut feeling who’ll best support you, give you confidence & obviously bring the “birthing know how” to the party. Click below to learn more about each:

Doctors- Should I use an OB/Gyn for my birth? 

Midwives | What is a midwife & Should I use a midwife? 

Learn directly from the World’s Leading Experts- Doctors, Doulas, Midwives, Lactation Consultants & more



  • Cynthia Wilson James

    Great informative article! I especially like “one provider’s way isn’t right and one wrong…they’re just different. Kinda like the East Coast & West Coast….both are superb in their own unique ways.” Just shared this article with my audience on Facebook.

    • yourbabybooty

      Thanks Cynthia:) We hope your mamas find our resources helpful! So the question is, are you an East Coaster or West Coaster? ;)