How should I get ready for Pregnancy & Birth? Or should I just wing it…


On a scale of 1-10 for life events, having a baby is a whopping 100. Yep, hands-down, it’s off the charts. But that 100 quickly turns into a 1, when women feel that they are unprepared going in.

Moms often say…“I regret not doing more research on pregnancy, labor & birth. I assumed my provider would make all the decisions for me.” Rut row.

When moms say “research”, they’re talking about “the stuff” every one of us pregnant & laboring mamas will see, feel & make decisions about. The stuff that truly matters… things that affect your health, babies health & both of your future health.

Many mamas aren’t prepared to make decisions with their providers. They don’t know it’s even possible to work as a team to get the best care.

The cost of being unprepared is fear, feeling overwhelmed & feeling like “birth just happened to me.”  Some moms felt like they were “on the outside” of their own baby’s birth. Not the out of body experience most of us want to have, that’s for sure.

There’s no doubt. Having a bambino is life-changing. Take a sec and chat with someone who’s been around the block a few times and they’ll probably say something like “Having kids was my greatest accomplishment and my biggest joy. By far.

You can take 1 of 2 approaches to this momentous life changer:
1. Prepare yourself…or…
2. Don’t. (and fly by the seat of your maternity pants).

There’s no doubt about it. You’re a rock star. And you’re about to summit your own Mt. Everest called Pregnancy & Birth. It’s one sweet summit mama. But it takes some preparation to experience all that is possible at the peak.

Don’t believe you’re a rock star?

How about this…

You  have less oxygen flowing to your brain because you’re sending a ton of it ‘priority express’ to your growing babe.

You  need an extra 500 calories a day since you’re growing that bambino inside your amazing {and beautiful} body. From scratch.

You’re carrying an extra 30 pounds, like a Sherpa, along your Journey to the Motherland. (let’s break that down shall we… 7.5 lbs of baby, 4 lbs more blood, 4 lbs more bodily fluid, 2 lbs of uterus, 2 lbs of bigger boobs, 2 lbs amniotic fluid, 1.5 lbs of placenta & 7 lbs more bodily protein)

Your heart beats up to 20 times faster per minute, your total blood volume nearly doubles & you’ll be breathing in almost double the amount of air.

That’s stuff that rock stars could only dream of. And you got it mama.

Plus- you’re doing all this without even thinking about it.

Yeah, your body & you are downright incredible!   And your summit will make Mt. Everest look like child’s play. Alright maybe not child’s play, but you’re picking up what we’re puttin’ down…..right?

The real bonus of all of this? You’ll have a real life little baby to hold & smooch at the end of this journey. Talk about an epic souvenir of your accomplishment…Hello!

So let’s get ready. Shall we?

Your mind. Your body. Your spirit. We’ll help ya get there.

Let’s go back to option 2 we talked about at the beginning. The “flyin’ by the seat of your pants” option.

If you wing some of it, you’re gonna miss some of it. Studies show (like this study from the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and providers know that those who don’t know their options have less satisfaction, have a greater chance of experiencing postpartum depression & have longer and more painful labor & deliveries.

It makes a lot of sense. How can you benefit from all your options that’ll help you have a better Pregnancy & Birth experience if you have no idea they exist? You can’t.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is your moment. We’re here to help ya- You can do it!

“You must Actively Participate in your & your baby’s care if you expect to receive its benefits” -Jessie Gruman, President, Center for Advancing Health

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  • Shelby Quinlan

    So, so, so true! You need to be informed in order to feel confident and to deal with the curve balls that will likely be thrown your way. Your provider has been there many times before, and deals with many patients and simply can’t be there for you every step of the way. You have to be your own best resource, and what better place to start than here! Amazing to have so much information in one place. Love the new site!

    • yourbabybooty

      Ohh yes. Being your own best resource, THAT is gold! Great advice Shelby. Thanks for sharing! What did you do to be informed with your birth(s)?