Birthing From Within by Pam England & Rob Horowitz Ph.D.


Are you Artsy Fartsy? Do you like to express yourself through any artistic medium? If so, this book will particularly appeal to you. Birthing From Within is unlike any other pregnancy and childbirth book we’ve read. Pam (midwife) and Dr. Rob (psychologist) delve into the world of preparing for childbirth and really hone in on ART as the perfect super highway to get you where you want to go.

Pam & Dr. Rob start off the book describing a lot of the internal/emotional parts of pregnancy & birth prep. Things like “finding your question” and “emptying your mind” and “connecting with other women.”

Then they go into Birth Art and include lots of exercises and examples of birth art and how it can help prepare you for birth and achieve the “finding your question” and “empyting your mind” we referenced above.

The next sections of the book discuss preparing your birth place (physically), how to involve dads and/or birth support, dealing with pain and becoming a new parent.

Birthing From Within is not just a book, it’s an entire method (they have childbirth classes) which are aimed at using a multi-sensory approach to help women and their partners journey into pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in awareness and confidence.


-The answer to the question “What is it I need to know to give birth?” is found within- not from a birth expert.

-Books can tell you all about birth but they can’t tell you about YOU.

-It’s good to empty your mind when pregnant, since for years and years (long before you could get pregnant) you had already been constricted by “schooling” about it all- thoughts, attitudes, beliefs bombarding you without you realizing it.

-Practices based on erroneous assumptions are the norm (and have been throughout history).

-Once cultural conditioner blinders are removed, then true understanding can occur.

-For some women, worry is the work of pregnancy.

-Face what you fear (writing it out in a list and getting it out can be super effective in getting rid of it).

-Connecting with other mamas can be very powerful and help you through your labor. You are not alone!

-A baby who is thriving in your womb will have a voracious appetite (and so will you).

-Eating well during pregnancy is super important (matter of life and death).

-Birth art doesn’t have to be pretty. It can be raw, honest, colorful, etc.

-Mothers say over and over how they never thought about how they envisioned birth until they made birth art.

-Some people give up on taking responsibility for their own health care- they put medical professionals on a pedestal.

-“If we do not participate in decision-making, we shouldn’t blame doctors or the medical establishment when things don’t turn out the way we hoped.”

-Turning to drugs or technology to solve problems has become a cultural reflex.

-Endorphins have pain-relieving effects 10 times more potent than morphine. They will take you into the dream-like state of “laborland” which will serve you well in labor.

-If you are birthing in a hospital, you become part of that system.

-The labor and delivery nurse that you have is a critical factor in how your birth turns out.

-Use a doula!!!


Birthing From Within is chalk full of information that covers the entire spectrum of pregnancy & birth. It’s almost a wee bit overwhelming, there’s so much information on each and every page.

The unique thing about this book is how approaches preparing for birth with an Artsy spin to it. There are tons and tons of examples, exercises and art to check out which is super cool.

If you aren’t Right Brained, this book may not appeal to you.

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