Birth Center Birth, Hospital Birth or Home Birth…Where should I have my baby?


It’s crystal clear. It’s proven.

But is it any surprise?

Moms who know their options & make informed decisions have the best birth experiences. And often better outcomes. That’s what the hundreds of Moms, DoctorsMidwivesDoulas & others keep telling us from the tens of 1000′s of births they’ve been involved in.

Didn’t we learned a long time ago- “you get out what you put in”? Being informed about birth helps you stay relaxed, make better decisions, have less pain & increases the chances of accomplishing what you set out to do. 

With just a wee little time spent learning about Birth Center Birth, Hospital Birth & Home Birth, the answer to your “where should I give birth” question will probably become pretty obvious. Because each one of those options gives you very different experiences & can give you different outcomes.

The benefits & risks to each will likely resonate with who you are & the experience you want. It’s just like a wedding. You can get married a bunch of different ways- each way gives you a completely different experience, but you’ll most likely prefer one particular option once you understand what that option can do for you.

Evidence from Medical Research shows birth outside the hospital can be a SAFE option for low risk pregnancies. Many women don’t know that. That’s because most women aren’t taught their options based on Evidence Based Maternity Care, they’re given somebody’s opinion.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the Evidence yourself from this study involving 64, 538 eligible women.

There’s no one “right” place to birth. You have options.  Click on each below.

  1. Hospital Births: Should I have a Hospital Birth?
  2. Birth Center Births: What is a Birth Center? Why are they getting popular?
  3. Home Births: Another Option for birth. But are Home Births Safe? 

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