How I Got Pregnant: 8 years & “Your chances of getting pregnant are extremely low” from my doctor.


Post image for How I Got Pregnant: 8 years & “Your chances of getting pregnant are extremely low” from my doctor.

(with Mary Witaschek) Mary thought she was one “lucky” girl. She had the rhythm method down, so she never had to take birth control to prevent pregnancy before she was ready. 

Then she was ready.

And nothing happened. But ohhh did she ever want it to. Then she realized something else was going on. Something wouldn’t let her get pregnant: endometriosis. She tried to get answers. She did all the tests. She tried to relax. She tried to not be stressed. It didn’t work & still nothing happened.

“My infertility journey was the hardest thing I’ve ever done” she said. Self doubt cycled through her head & of course all her friends were getting pregnant…some the first time they tried. All she wanted was the chance to be a mom.

After 8 years trying to get pregnant & getting a “Your chances of getting pregnant are extremely low” statement from her doctor, Mary turned to Eastern Medicine.  She never gave up, even though everything & everyone around her told her she’d never have her own baby. She refused to believe her ability to conceive was hopeless. Mary shares her story…the ups, downs, ins & outs.

She teaches you *what* she did & *how* she overcame the odds….& got pregnant! It came in a way that she never expected (she was super skeptical about Eastern Medicine).

You’ll Also Learn:

  1.  What endometriosis is & why so many women go years without knowing they have it.
  2.  Why doing research on ALL treatment options (Eastern & Western) available to you could save you years of infertility.
  3. How your mind & body connection really impacts your ability to get pregnant. It’s not hokey pokey…it works! 


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  • Jenny Fernandez

    that’s the spirit , one should not leave hope, everyone should try try again with medicines and doctors, this is the 21st century , pregnancy is possible but through patience