Why would a Lamaze Birth Class Help You Be Ready For Birth?


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(with Michele Deck, mama of 3, past president of Lamaze International) I want to be ready for my baby. But will birth classes really prepare me for birth, because I’ve heard from a bunch of women they didn’t help?

What will a Lamaze birth class teach that’ll help during labor & birth? Does Lamaze just teach about breathing?

Michele Deck has answers to help you make decisions on your birth classes. She’s the past President of Lamaze International, a labor & delivery nurse, a Lamaze certified childbirth educator & is a mom of 3.

She shares the 3 most helpful results a birth class will help you receive, how Lamaze teaches moms to make decisions based on research & evidence, ways to cope with labor pain & how childbirth classes help you be more relaxed, which can help you have a faster & easier labor.  

Michele explains why it’s important to get accurate pregnancy & childbirth info from evidence based practitioners (as opposed to random online chat rooms). She also explains what exactly Lamaze is & how it’s different from other childbirth classes. 

She shares about her first 2 births & why being “emotionally connected” in the 2nd was such a different experience.  

Who is Michele?

Michele Deck is the mama of 3 daughters & 9 grandbabies. She’s a registered nurse, has written 11 books, is a professional speaker, is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, is a past President of Lamaze International & serves on the Lamaze International Board of Directors.

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