When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Go As Planned {How Mara Overcame It & You Can Too}


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(with Mara Neboshynsky, mom of 2) Mara was in bliss with the birth of her first-born. She thought she’d be one of those moms who breastfed hear baby forever. She read up and knew how to breastfeed. Like many of us, she thought “once I show baby the boob everything else will just take care of itself.” 

But it didn’t happen.

She had low milk supply. She tried a breastfeeding pump. She had more milk production problems. She tried increasing her milk supply. She had a lot of breastfeeding challenges.

But it still didn’t happen.

Her baby was hungry & that’s when she broke down. She felt like a failure. She felt like she let her baby down. “How can I take care of my baby when I can’t even breastfeed him?” was the question that kept pulling her heart. 

What happens when you’re set on having a breastfed baby, but you can’t breastfeed? Mara overcame this setback & shares how she did it. 

Were there warning signs her milk production was slowing?  How did she deal with the emotions &l disappointment of not breastfeeding her baby? How did that experience change what she did for her 2nd pregnancy and birth? And more…

Who is Mara?

Mara is the mama of two school aged kiddos who spent her pre-kid years as an elementary school teacher. That was before she married her Active Duty Navy husband who has since lived a nomadic Navy lifestyle, moving all over the world. Mara is currently a stay at home mama and lives wherever the Navy sends her.


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