What Do You Do When You Have No Answers & Your Child’s Health is at Stake.


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(with Taylor Newman, mom) What would you do if your baby had terrible eczema, barely slept & vomited constantly? Or something else you knew just wasn’t right. If you said “take him to the doctor stat”,  you’d be like most, if not all mamas. But what if the “cure” didn’t help & the doctors offered no hope of what would help? What then?

Taylor Newman teaches you how she successfully found answers (which meant huge relief for her son stricken with severe food allergies), so you can get answers for any situation you might face. Knowing *how* to get answers faster could be critical for your baby. Expecting doctors to always have “the right” answer is naïve. They’re not perfect. And most of all…

No one will ever look out for your baby better than you. Taylor shows you the steps she took to find answers (after she quit second-guessing herself). She explains why investigating something she thought was “out there”, proved to be the best thing she ever could have done {despite what her doctor was telling her}.

Plus you’ll learn:

  1. How to assemble a great team of providers & why it’s soo important for you & your child.
  2. Where to start when you’re not sure what’s going on with your baby {but you’ve got a gut feeling something isn’t right}.
  3. Why your mom intuition is the best gift you can give your family.

Who is Taylor Newman?

Taylor Newman is the founder/blogger of & the mama of Kaspar. If you’re ever in the Austin, Texas area & you hear Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” being played really loudly…look around. You’ll most likely see a long-haired girl dancing like a crazy woman. It’s her favorite.



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