The truth about “Normal Birth” -with 30 year veteran & top Ob/Gyn (& mom) Dr. Bethany Hays

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(with Dr. Bethany Hays, mama of 3, grandma of 2, Ob/Gyn) You want a healthy baby? You’d like a healthy pregnancy, smooth birth & to believe in yourself confidently through labor & birth? Watch this interview.

Perspective, Inspiration, Wisdom, Clarity, Confidence…these are just a few things you’ll gain as Dr. Hays teaches you the most important & insightful lessons she’s learned over the past 30 years helping moms labor & birth babies.

After 30 years of helping moms meet their babies & delivering 3 of her own, Dr. Hays understands that birth will be the most defining moment in our lives. This interview will help you have a better birth (whatever decisions you decide are best for you) & will inspire you to believe in yourself!

She shares her perspective on the role medicine plays in birth & how to ‘get all you can’ from birth’s life-changing experience. There’s a moment my jaw drops- she compares a woman’s experience with birth to something men do- I’d never heard it before and it’s serious food for thought. See if you had the same reaction I did? What is the truth about normal birth?If you’re a fan of candor, truth, insightfulness & humor you’re going to take away a boatload of applicable, inspiring info. Info that’ll help you make better decisions throughout pregnancy & birth. Learning from a Physician at the top of her game, with 30+ years experience, who wants nothing more than to help you have THE best pregnancy & birth possible…that’s what this interview with Dr. Bethany Hays is all about.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. How to prepare for a normal birth.
  2. Why nutrition is so important from early pregnancy & how to use Dr. Hay’s 4 part nutrition plan.
  3. Inspiring stories of normal birth- (these will leave you wanting to hear more).

Who is Dr. Bethany Hays?

Dr. Bethany Hays is the mama of 3 boys and 2 grandbabies. She was an Ob/Gyn for over 30 years, trained as a Perinatologist (high risk pregnancies) she caught over 3,000 babies until she realized “I went into medicine to help people be healthier, but what I found in medicine was a system that was as sick as the people it was treating. Ultimately I realized that my calling was to heal the system as well as the patients.” She’s a founding practitioner member and Medical Director of True North- a non-profit organization changing healthcare & inspiring individuals to live healthier lives through integrative care, education & research. Dr. Hays lives in the great state of Maine. Check out her incredible work at True North.

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Watch the Interview (download MP3- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Part 2

Part 3


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Sarah Blight:                           Hi! This is Sarah Blight with your Baby Booty Interviews, where we cut right through the fluff of all the information you’re being bombarded with about pregnancy and childbirth and becoming a mom, and to give you the information that you really want to know and need to know, so that you can make the right decisions for you and your family and make them faster. Well today we are chatting about normal birth. What is it? What does it mean and why is it even important? Well, to help lead us through that topic is Dr. Bethany Hays. She is the mom of three boys, and a grand mom as well, twice over. She is—has been an OB for over 30 years and she currently is the founding practitioner member and medical director of True North, which is a nonprofit… ah, a nonprofit organization, which is really all about integrative health care. Education, research, and really changing the way that we do medicine, basically, and we’re here to talk to her more about that. Thanks so much Dr. Hays for being with us today.

Dr. Bethany Hays:                   Thanks for inviting me.

Sarah Blight:                           So, you’re a mom of three, grand mom, and professionally you’ve been catching babies for a long time. Um, what are you most inspired to share with the expectant moms right now who are watching?

Dr. Bethany Hays:                   Um, the thing I worry about the most is this—the trend that we have towards surrendering the value of birthing to the—to the control and the seduction of the medical world. I’m a person who believes in science and believes in medicine, I practice medicine, I’m a conventional practitioner, but I think birthing is a powerful, spiritual event in a woman’s life and I don’t think my colleagues really understand that very well, and so when I see women giving up their births to that medical model, I really think we’re giving something important away and I would like to see more women asking the questions, that maybe you’re subscribers are asking about, you know, how should I birth my baby? What’s it really like to give birth to a baby? Can I do it? Can I give birth without all that intervention and fear and risk and without surgery and without major trauma to my body? And…

Sarah Blight:                           I’m sorry, go ahead.

Dr. Bethany Hays:                   So I – we just like to see that more women could find out that yes, they can do that, they can have normal births, hold their babies in their arms, have all the wonderful, delicious, juicy hormones running around their body when they first meet their baby and their– uh, when their spouse or partner meets that baby and all the important things that happen when all of that comes together.

Sarah Blight:                           So, you’re obviously—you said you believe in science, you are a—you’re a physician yourself. What place does medicine have in birth?

Dr. Bethany Hays:                   Well, I think medicine, um, the place medicine should have in birth is to catch us when we fall. So, if we’re unable for some reason to be healthy enough to have a normal birth, but we are healthy enough to get pregnant and carry the pregnancy, then I think the role of medical science is to help us complete that task, so that we have a healthy baby. Um, I think the, um, the role of medicine should be, and really was designed to be, used in the emergency, and not in the normal course of the event. In the same way that in our general lives, we should be learning about our bodies and how to keep them healthy, by eating right and exercising right and stress red.


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