Pitocin Induced Labor & Epidural Free…How Gina Perez Did It & What She’d Do Differently


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(With Gina Perez, mom) It’s not often you meet someone like Gina.  A woman whose stubbornness & resolve paid off during the births of her children- specifically her second son.  At 41 weeks & 4 days pregnant, her doctor wanted to induce labor. Gina was not a fan of induction or Pitocin (the medicine used to induce labor). She felt pressured & agreed to getting induced. But she was determined to meet her son without an epidural. And she did it!

Gina teaches you how she did it, what she recommends other mamas do before & during labor to have an epidural free labor, and if she would do it the same way again or make some changes. Check out this interview.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. Why surrounding yourself with supportive people who know your hopes and wishes for birth is key.
  2. How Gina’s mental outlook was so important in helping her achieve an epidural free birth (not many women get Pitocin with no Epidural).
  3. The #1 thing that helped Gina through her labor….and she repeats it over and over.

Who is Gina Perez?

 Gina Perez is the mama of two boys aged 2 and 3.  She’s the marketing & social media guru for the cloth diaper company, unlike any other, called BabyKicks.  When she’s not involved with diapers, she’s busy with her two little men & is having a blast in these toddler years. Gina and company reside in Maryland. 

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  • ToTeachWhatIsGood

    This is almost my exact same story. I was 41 weeks and 6 days and ran out of amniotic fluid. I used midwives, but we still had to have an induction. I was devastated but I was determined not to have an epidural and I was successful in my pitocin induced labor with no epidural!

    • yourbabybooty

      Wow! That’s insane! Good for you for being so resolute…mind over matter right? Do you feel that going through that gave you an extra “umph” of “I can do anything!” ?