Natural Cesarean Section (C-section)- What Are They, What Are the Benefits & Should I Get One?


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(with Mavis Schorn, PhD, Certified Nurse Midwife, Mom, Associate Professor & Assistant Dean of Academics at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing) You just found out (unexpectedly) a c-section is a must. It’s not what you wanted. A c-section can still be an amazing & life-changing beautiful experience when you meet your baby. But only if you know what’s possible (hint- most of us don’t have a clue).  

Cutting edge hospitals & providers are focusing in on “quality care with respect” for women, instead of just “administering care” to women. And one example is seriously improving how moms experience a c-section (from the very beginning to the end). Mavis Schorn, a certified nurse midwife at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing who has attended over 2,000 births, explains how “natural c-sections”, also called “family centered” or “family friendly” c-sections, are now being explored at places like Vanderbilt University & across Europe. Just a few of the benefits… dimming the lights, playing whatever relaxing music you’d like (studies prove creating a relaxed atmosphere helps birth outcomes), making sure you can see your baby right after birth by lowering the surgical tent thingie (helps with bonding & breastfeeding), ensuring you can hold baby after c-section for skin-to-skin (which is scientifically proven on many levels to help baby’s health) & lots more.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. What happens during a typical c-section.
  2. How asking a couple simple questions can completely change the course & outcome of your birth. 
  3. Three things Mavis is convinced will help you have a better birth. (she knows what she’s talking about)

Who is Mavis Schorn? 

Mavis Schorn, PhD, has been a certified nurse midwife for the past 21 years, attending over 2,000 births!  She’s a mom & an Associate Professor & Assistant Dean of Academics at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. She lives in Tennessee & loves to sing the Rocky-Top song. Ok, we made that part up, but she does live in TN. 

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  • Cynthia Wilson James

    Marvis, thanks for sharing your medical knowledge with your heartfelt mommy knowledge to give women easy-to-follow tips about what they can do, if they have to have a c-section. Sara,thanks for asking the “right” questions to help expectant moms prepare for a natural
    cesarean section.

    • yourbabybooty

      Well thank you Cynthia! You made my day:) Feel free to share this interview with anyone you think would benefit!

  • MsMoo

    It’s fantastic that more people are talking about this approach to cesarean birth, thank you for being so positive about it. The UK are also starting to offer this-if you know what to ask for. There’s a great book on Amazon too that talks about natural cesarean birth and how to prepare – Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery by Leigh East

    • yourbabybooty

      Thanks MsMoo! We hope that by more mamas asking for it, more hospitals/doctors will provide it for them:) Thanks for the book recommendation!

  • Olga

    That was awesome. I am only 9 weeks pregnant but i think about my baby’s birth a lot already.I want so badly to have a natural birth at a birth center, but realistically that’s probably not an option for me. I can’t afford a doula or a midwife, I only have the option to be choosey about my provider At the same time I am a petite women standing at 4’11, and I’m so fearfull of…hemorraghing and/or for whatever reason, needing a c-section because of my size. So the fact that there are these options are truly comforting.

    • yourbabybooty

      I want to encourage you Olga to check out doulas. There are many doulas who are fantastic, but still need hours to be fully certified and will support mamas for free. One of the organizations that certifies doulas is You can search for doulas on there. It’s worth a few phone calls to different doulas to see what they can do, or if they know of anyone who needs births for their certification. Don’t give up!!! I believe you can have the birth you desire:)

  • BettyUK

    One thing I want to comment on is when she said the hands are tied down during a C Section. This is not what they do here in the UK. In the UK they have never tied the mums hands down or strapped the arms as it is in fact illegal here in Britain.Normally the mums arms are laid out onto her chest but they are not strapped and she can move her arms freely. The sterile curtain protects the sterile field, even back as far as the 80′s when they started to do more C sections with mum awake under a Spinal, they never strapped her arms down.It’s never been done here in the UK. Just to let you know.