VBAC | My doctor said “You have no chance of having a VBAC”. Here’s how I did it.


Post image for VBAC | My doctor said “You have no chance of having a VBAC”. Here’s how I did it.

(With Dawn Seddio, Mama of 3) He walked in & dropped the words…“You have no chance of having a VBAC”. But Dawn knew he was wrong. She also knew this doctor wasn’t practicing Evidence Based Medicine. So she found a new doctor who did {& would actually support her}.

After being unprepared for her first birth & passively going along with anything the hospital staff said… she swore she’d never make that mistake again (bad experience). So she did a little research & knew the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (the governing body of 90+% of Ob/Gyns) actually supports VBAC & says they are a “safe and appropriate choice for most women” with 1 prior c-section & for “some women” with 2 prior c-sections. She also knew that 45% of women (American) with a prior c-section are interested in VBAC, but 92% actually have a repeat C-section. And of the women interested in VBAC, 57% can’t find a provider or hospital willing to support them.

So if a growing body of medical research & evidence says VBACs are safe (for most women) & THE professional organization of Ob/Gyns supports VBAC…then why couldn’t Dawn find a provider to support her VBAC?

Dawn shares her super inspiring story, her thoughts & her experiences how she got creative to get the VBAC she so desperately wanted & deserved. From researching & choosing a physician she felt would support her goals, to assembling her dream team of support, to changing her diet & exercise, to hiring a homebirth midwife to accompany her to the hospital- Dawn did everything she could to have a  better birthing experience than her first.

This interview isn’t just for those who are thinking about or decided on VBAC, there is essential info for ANY mama planning to birth in a hospital.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. What to do when everyone tells you can’t have the birth you know you can have (which is based on solid medical evidence), want to have & deserve to have.
  2. Why research & planning is crucial prior to a VBAC (or any birth).
  3. The essential elements to having a successful VBAC (here’s a course on VBAC with a top Ob/Gyn).
  4. How to avoid the costly mistakes Dawn made the first time around

Who is Dawn Seddio?

Dawn is the mama of 3 kids.  Her two radically different birth experiences (& outcomes) led her to create her blog. She candidly shares about having a c-section, then achieving her goal of an unmedicated natural VBAC, adjusting to mamahood & the ups and downs that come with it all. Dawn and her family live in New Jersey. Dawn mentions: International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) &

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