If Childbirth is Natural, Then Why Bother Preparing For It?


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(With Sarah McKay, Doula Trainer, Hypno-doula, Lactation Consultant)  “Here I am doctor, I’m so done, I’m so ready for you to deliver my baby!” The doctor takes 2 steps to the side, puts one hand on the mom’s left shoulder, smiles softly & says… “I’m not delivering your baby. You are birthing your baby. This is one of your best moments. You can do it! I’m just here in case you need me.” 

The mom looks confused. (end of story)

Why bother preparing for birth if your body knows what to do & if childbirth is natural? A lot of reasons. Birth is not a straight line. You have emotional, mental, physical & other turns along your journey. You navigate your way to meeting your lil’ one. Your baby needs YOU to know how to best turn & take them home.  They want you. The good doctor or midwife is there in case of emergency. Your birth is not an emergency. It’s your moment to shine. And to learn how beautifully strong you really are.  You can do it!

Sarah teaches you about some of these “turns” & how you can be prepared (she’s teaching from her car outside Panera, you’ll love Sarah McKay!) . 

Who is Sarah McKay?

Sarah’s accent hails from Tennessee, in a town just 30 miles from Nashville.  Sarah is the mama to 6, count ‘em, 6 kiddos ranging in ages from 9 to 21 years old.  She’s the CEO and Director for 9 Months & Beyond, LLC which helps prepare expectant parents for birth. She’s a DONA certified Doula trainer, a Hypnobabies certified hypno-doula, oh and did we mention she’s a Lactation specialist too? Yep, this is one busy and energized mama!

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Part 2


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