How to Train Your Mind to Help Your Body Have a Baby {from an ultra-marathoner}


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(with Jenny Baker, mama, ultra-marathoner) Jenny is an ultra-marathoner & triathlete.  And she loves sharing with mamas that you don’t have to be some crazy exercise guru to have a natural med-free birth.

You just need to believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it!

Jenny teaches you the strategies she’s learned as a successful athlete & how you can use the exact same strategies to have your natural birth {if that’s what you want}! Jenny shares how she prepared for her natural birth (her answers will probably surprise you), what the most challenging part of her labor was, how she worked through it & how her mental strategies will help you too.

She teaches you how you can set yourself up for success by looking back on past experience & asking yourself specific questions (one question is- “what do I need”…one of  Jenny’s was “I don’t want to be talked to or touched”). She also talks about how she created “reference points” that helped her {big time} through contractions. 

Other Stuff You’ll Learn:

  1. 3 things you need to do TODAY to help yourself have a successful natural & med-free childbirth.
  2. How to ensure your mental game is ready to go- by protecting your mind from “fear based” anything, from anyone.
  3. Why doing ‘challenging things’ with your spouse/birth support partner now (she gives examples) will be big time beneficial during the intensity of birth. This is super inspiring & you’ll learn loads ways to help yourself have a natural birth…check it out! 

Who is Jenny Baker?

Jenny Baker is the mama to an almost 2 year old daughter & a newborn son. She’s the Director of Community for a non-profit. Jenny is super active & runs distances many of us wouldn’t even drive in one day.  Besides just being awesome, she & her family love to travel. 

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  • olga

    Love, Love, Loved Jenny and her interview! I really appreciated her advice about staying away from any place of fear. I had two failed pregnancies in the past and I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I find that I am everhungry for information, or just anything to do with pregnancy or babies, I wanna know about it or read on it. I have been online like every single day for the past two weeks, on other websites. I feel comforted by it. But at five weeks pregnant I was frightened mess! I just kept thinking “god, i cant take another failed pregnancy” and I would literally have to stop my mind in its tracks and say to myself-sometimes outloud!- “Don’t think that way!” I definitely believe in the power of visualization. I am feeling so much better now and having watched this Jenny interview, I am makinga commitment to beleive in my body, and have faith that it can do exactly what it was designed to do exactly how it’s designed to do it, and keep away from all of those things that can go wrong.

    • yourbabybooty

      Mmm. I hear ya Olga. Jenny is an amazing communicator :) And what she says is so true. Being positive is crucial. Sounds like you’re definitely on board the positive train:) I want you to know that you are very much the driver of your pregnancy ship and where you want to go, you can go!! Please keep us posted!