How to Take Pictures Like a Professional Photographer


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(with Katie Evans, photographer & mama) What if you knew how to take better pictures? Think about it … you could effortlessly capture all the timeless moments of your pregnancy, birth & those spontaneously fun family times. Without breaking the bank.  

Have you seen those ridiculously gorgeous pictures on Pinterest & thought … “I wish my pics looked half as good!”  I thought my picture taking was just a lost cause. But it’s not!

You can rock it! And rock it with whatever equipment you already have! Woohoo!

Watch this & learn how to take better pictures … like a professional photographer.

Katie Evans, photographer & blogger teaches you how to take better pictures wherever you are & whatever you’re doing. Katie shares insider tips, so you can capture all your pregnancy, birth & newborn moments, then post them on social media for the rest your friends to say “Dang, she’s good!

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. Why cropping is your new best friend (do it easily & do it well).
  2. Katie shares a tip on how to get eyes to look super clear & bright.
  3. How to get other people to take pics of you during labor & delivery that you’ll actually want to have in an album forever!
  4. What kinds of equipment you’ll need  (hint: it doesn’t cost a gazillion dollars).

Who is Katie Evans?

Katie Evans is a photographer, stay at home mama of 3 kids & the author of “The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer”, “The Key to Natural Posing” & “Photo Essentials Exposure Guide.”  Check out Katie’s fabulous blog “Key to Pictures.”

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  • Betsy C

    Love this! I’ve been practicing with my new eagle eye! And yes…I’m constantly on Pinterest saying to myself… “dang I wish I could do that!” Now I can thanks to you guys…yayyy!

    • yourbabybooty

      Good stuff huh? So happy that you will look back on your pictures with pride:) IT’s always nice having some ninja tips from experts!