How To Protect Your Baby & Kids From Toxins. -with Suzanne Fenton PhD in toxicology


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I can’t lie, I was a bit nervous to interview Dr. Fenton. I mean after all, she is a crazy smart scientist & well, science isn’t one of my strengths:) The second I started chatting with Dr. Fenton, I knew this lesson was gold. She communicated startling information in a non-sciencey way that even I could understand  & gave very applicable steps that we can all take to protect our families. As we all know, reading labels is a nightmare- many harmful substances aren’t on labels (or they’re like 20-letter words). Dr. Fenton shares with us some of the dangerous chemicals that ARE labeled, explains where you’ll find’em & why it’s important we keep our distance. You’ll hear her mention some of the common products we buy, which have known “endocrine disruptors”. Endocrine Disruptors are chemicals that interfere with your body’s hormones & can cause cancer, birth defects, affect fertility & other nasty things. Dr. Fenton teaches you how to be smarter & protect your family. 

You’ll Also Learn

  1. Is buying organic a scam? 
  2. Why changing up what you eat is a really good idea.
  3. Three things you can do TODAY that won’t cost you much extra cash, that makes your home safer.

Who is Dr. Suzanne Fenton?

Dr. Suzanne Fenton is a mama of three kiddos who are in their tween & teen years- one who is ready to drive. She assures those of us with toddlers have it made :) . Dr. Fenton is a researcher at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in the National Toxicology Program (NTP). She is a group leader of the Reproductive Endocrinology Group & studies the impacts of environmental chemicals during the crucial time of breast development & the effects on puberty and potential for breast cancer. She lives in North Carolina. She mentions the links below in the Lesson:

CDC’s National Report Card on environmental chemicals:  


The Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:


 protect your kids from toxins






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  • Esther Maila

    I listened so skeptically, because I’m not a crunchy mom. I buy what my family can afford and don’t really like hearing people tell me how horrible I am for what I buy when I’m doing my best for my family. But I’ll say my hats off to you for this one. I didn’t know a lot of what she said & to be honest I’ve never thought about it. It’s good to know there are options out there that won’t be budget busters. I’ll definitely be reading labels for those 2 Dr. Fenton mentioned and more aware. Thanks for educating without judging or being nasty! Why isn’t this information more available for moms who need to buy all these things? I just shared this on facebook.

    • yourbabybooty

      Thank you for sharing! I told someone the other day that the older I get, the crunchier I think I’m becoming!! It’s hard not to after listening to Dr Fenton lay it out there:) What was the biggest surprise to you?

  • olga

    Wow, that interview was…jarring. I have to say it’ll be harder now not to be an apprehensive shopper. I know you asked her about whether organic foods are worth it, I wish you had asked about organic products. Target sells brands like Method and 7th Generation, which are ecofriendly and organic; then there’s Tom’s products like toothpaste and deoderant. Kind of off topic, why are “crunchy” women sterotyped as beig smelly? Is it because that deo doesn’t work? LOL How did the species survive before female hygiene products?? Tell me how?? lol Anyway I think we can all relate to Esther above regarding being on a budget, and of course nobody likes being told that you are making bad decisions for the people you love, even if they are well intentioned, but obviously if it’s in your power to make that change then you should. I can’t believe that our society has allowed chemicals to run so rampant just so that corporations can keep making their products! Thats what was most surprising to me! Bath mats? Sunscreen? These things are supposed to be our friend not our enemy! You’re tellin me I cant walk around bare foot in my own home for fear of whats in my carpet. That was pretty funny about the bpa free bubble

    • yourbabybooty

      A couple people have mentioned my BPA fee bubble comment:) haha. I agree with you, it’s hard not to be paranoid about every little thing. I think the big takeaway for me was to do 1 thing. Start there. For us, that was buying more local produce (and organic). Especially the dirty dozen (google it), fruits and veggies that are particularly susceptible to yucky stuff when we eat them – like berries etc. I am a believer that doing something even small and seemingly insignificant is better than doing nothing at all:) And I can attest to the “smelly” comment about crunchy women- I’ve started using deoderant that doesn’t have aluminum and it doesn’t work as well for me ..but I’m embracing it, I’ve heard once you detox you still sweat but it’s not as smelly….we’ll see about that one in the middle of summer;) hahaha.