How to Exercise When You’re Pregnant {even if you only have 15 mins}


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(with Jennifer Johnson, perinatal exercise specialist) You’re pregnant & exhausted. You know exercise is so important, but you’ve got zero energy…okay, maybe you have 15 minutes. What exercises can you do in those 15 minutes that will get results for you & your baby?

Jennifer leads us through a 15 minute exercise plan specifically designed for you. She shows you how to do the exercises and explains why & how they’re beneficial for you and baby. She also teaches you why exercising when you’re pregnant doesn’t need to be complicated. 

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. Why keeping your heart rate at a certain level is NOT advisable (and other alternatives that are).
  2. 1 huge reason you shouldn’t start & then stop an exercise program mid-pregnancy- this is something we hadn’t heard before (and it’s backed by evidence!).
  3. The 4 areas you should focus on while pregnant (and why…ie- how to help your baby get more oxygen, etc.).
  4. 3 easy must-have items to have on-hand for home exercise (and what to do with them)
  5. How exercise & post pregnancy mamas pack a 1-2 punch (this one is incredible).
  6. What resources will help you stay motivated & on track. 


Who is Jennifer Johnson?

Jennifer Johnson is a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, a Perinatal Health & Wellness Specialist & through Dr. SEARS as a L.E.A.N Health Coach. With her deep passion to help babies & moms with health, nutrition & fitness, she left her fundraising job & founded Fit for Expecting. She helps mamas pre, during & post pregnancy to achieve their fitness & health goals, both solo and in groups. If you’re in the Southern California vicinity, check out all her programs!



Watch the Lesson  (download MP3 of the lesson or MP3 to the exercises)                                                      

*Download a printable of the workout here. *Photo of the two babies Jennifer References here. The research that Jennifer talks about is summarized throughout this book, you can pick up a copy here

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