How Do You NOT Lose Yourself {Forever} As a New Mom


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(with Kim Anderson, mom of 2 and Life Coach) How do you stay yourself when you have to be so selfless as a new mom? Being selfless isn’t optional, it’s a requirement. It stings when you have to go from self to selfless overnight.  Even when you’re “ready” to dive in head on.

Our minds can spiral us out of control…like…

OMG, I got .01 things done today. I stink at this. I’m a failure. What am I even doing? I’m a crappy mom & wife. I’m lonely. I love my baby, but the constant crying is draining me. My body is nowhere close to what it was. I can’t sleep. Who hit me with the ugly stick? I’m doing everything myself. I need to get out of this house but I haven’t showered in days.”  No one talks about these thoughts.

Where do you go from there? How do you get up and climb out of that hole?

The answer has to do with how we constantly reform our identity because “we’re reshaping who we think we should be.” says Kim Anderson. Kim is one seriously a-m-a-z-i-n-g and inspiring woman (who I’m so proud to call my friend!). She’s a mom, a life coach & has had the very difficult “single mom” role many-a-time, while her hubby was in harms way (with the military).

Kim helps us understand the expectations we set for ourselves. And why we don’t do ourselves any favors- we set ourselves up for failure. Why do we do that anyways??


Watch this class and share with any friends you think it might help.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. About her biggest personal struggles with identity & balance when her hubby was gone for a year (thanks for being so honest Kim!)
  2. Is the idea of balance a myth or is it achievable and how?
  3. Why dropping balls is GOOD for both you, your spouse and baby.

Who is Kim Anderson?

Kim Anderson is the mom of 2 kiddos and has been a Navy wife for her entire married life. Kim has her Masters in Counseling and is a Life Coach. Kim and family live in Tennessee.


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