How & Why Can Chiropractic Help You in Pregnancy & Labor? -with Dr. Cathy Taig


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(with Dr. Cathy Taig, mom) Imagine a balloon suspended in the air. It’s held perfectly in the optimal position by 2 strings attached to the front & 2 attached to the back (all strings are attached to the wall).

What would happen if the strings got all twisted, contorted & some even got tighter than the others? The ballon’s position would shift, rotate & move out of it’s perfect position, right?  

Now imagine the balloon is your uterus- your baby’s luxury apartment for close to 10 months. As your baby grows, your body changes.  Your posture takes a hit because it’s compensating for your increasing bump & weight. Your back aches, so do your feet. But that’s just on the outside. Inside things are shifting & changing too. The ligaments holding your uterus in place can get out of alignment, resulting in your uterus moving out of the best position for baby. Now baby is all cramped in their apartment with less room to move & getting into the optimal position (called vertex) so they can head out doesn’t happen. 

Get the picture?

This is why so many pregnant women (who’ve had pregnancies with & without chiropractic care) swear that chiropractic is super effective throughout pregnancy, labor & birth. When babies have optimal space inside the uterus, they’re able to head down into the right position for birth which often lessens the duration of labor. 

Dr. Taig explains how chiropractic care works in detail. She also teaches how common discomforts during pregnancy can be minimized with chiropractic – things like back and joint pain, inflammation, and insomnia.  There’s also another huge perk of chiropractic: it boosts your immunity.  

Feeling a little skeptical about chiropractic care?  Watch this lesson & decide for yourself. 

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. The anatomy of chiropractic adjustments- how they can actually shorten labor, boost your immunity & help you sleep. 
  2. Is chiropractic safe for pregnant women? 
  3. What to expect if you were to see a chiropractor for the first time.
  4. Steps on How to find a reputable & knowledgeable chiropractor.

Who is Dr. Cathy Taig?

Dr. Cathy Taig has been a chiropractor (along with her husband) for the past 9 years. Together they’re known as the Taig Team. Cathy specializes in chiropractic for pregnant women (& for children) using a technique known as the Websters Technique. Dr. Taig, her hubby & daughter live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out The Webster Technique & Taig Family Chiropractic.


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  • Jacob Wadsworth

    I see now the importance of Chiropractic to pregnant women. I thought it was only for those who are experiencing back pains but nowadays, it is even used as a preventive therapy due to its very promising benefits. –

  • Renea Cable

    I have gone once a month usually middle of the month. I have had 0 Morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy. No nausea. No headaches, No symptoms of being pregnant. I did have bad Ligament pains from stretching for 2 weeks, weeks 17-19 but I am really tiny I was 115lbs when I got pregnant. I got physically sick for the 1st time at 34 weeks pregnant 3 hours after eating a banana split. I think it was just too much for her. but as I was getting sick for a half our I could not imagine being sick all through the 1st tri and 2nd tri that would be just awful! I am going 2 times this month as I am Due march 5th 2014. I sleep like a baby and I recently just ordered me a pregnancy pillow because the belly is getting heavy and big. I have had 0 trouble falling asleep and I sleep good. another thing too at now 36 weeks pregnant I only get up to pee 1 time in the middle of the night. It is always around the same time too either 4am or 5am on the dot. I have had an amazing pregnancy and I think its because I have kept everything aligned while my body makes these drastic changes. I do not get manual adjustments done. My chiropractor uses a gun that beeps when the bones are aligned.

    • yourbabybooty

      Sounds like you’re all set! Congrats!! An uneventful pregnancy is definitely a blessing:)