How Are Swollen Feet, Waddling, Peeing Every 5 Seconds, Weird Food Cravings & a Baby Coming Out My Vagina “Normal”?


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(with Mary Murry, Certified Nurse Midwife, Mayo Clinic) The normal of pregnancy is there is no normal. Laboring for 21 hours or 21 minutes, pushing for 3 hours or 3 pushes…it varies for everybody. Mary Murry, Certified Nurse Midwife at Mayo Clinic, teaches why & how trusting your body & its ability to birth your baby gives you confidence, helps you relax, improves the birth, the outcome of the birth & lots more.

Like any relationship….if you don’t have trust, it’s hard for good things to happen.   

Wondering what is “normal” is normal. Knowing what “normal” can look like helps you avoid the self-doubt that seeds irrational fear.

“Am I doing this right, is there something wrong, am I taking to long to push, omg this can’t be normal”…next thing you know you’ve willed yourself away from a smooth, less-complicated, faster & amazing labor & birth. It happens all. the. time. But it doesn’t have to. Mary also teaches:

  1. How you can find balance between being educated about pregnancy & childbirth & becoming a worrier. 
  2. How to learn to trust your body.
  3. Why having someone close by who has confidence in you is so important. 
  4. How your impatience can lead to a medically unnecessary “intervention” (being induced, c-section, etc.).
  5. Plus, find out THE most important thing you should obsess over when you’re pregnant. Hint: it’s not what you think.

Who is Mary Murry?

Mary Murry is one busy lady. Besides having birthed 3 kiddos herself (her babies were in the 9 & 10 pound range), Mary caught her grandbaby! She’s been a midwife for 27 years & currently serves as a CNM (certified nurse midwife) at Mayo Clinic. She’s also an instructor at Mayo Clinic’s College of Medicine. She was also a contributing writer/reviewer for Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy & in her spare time, contributes to Mayo Clinic’s Pregnancy and You Blog. Yep, we told you she was busy!


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  • Becky Quinn

    Loved loved loved this! I loved it because ya’ll were just real. I like your personality and realness… I’m tired of reading about my baby and upcoming birth from places that sound like a boring high school textbook. Thanks Mary for being real, being open & you too Sarah for asking great questions. Good job. I learned lots.

    • yourbabybooty

      That’s one of the nicest compliments Becky:) I used to be a High School teacher, so I know exactly what you mean;) haha. When I was pregnant I remember always wanting to know if “….” was normal. I think it’s normal to wonder about that:) Did you learn anything in particular that surprised you?