Birth Center Birth: Why I Switched Care at 36 weeks {even without insurance} & It Was Worth Every Penny


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(with Jamie Fuller, mama)  You just turned 36 weeks pregnant. Almost there! As you’re talking to your provider, you’re not feeling supported. You’ve researched your birth…you know what you want & why. You also know their job is to 100% support you, encourage you & help you birth this baby. Nope, they’re talking more about what they want for you, instead of how they can help you. It’s like your provider was giving you lip service the first 8 months…now they’re “preparing you” for their plan for you. 

This was Jamie. She knew how it would likely end. She’d be “another mom” who had intervention after unnecessary intervention. She wasn’t having that. So at 36 weeks Jamie did a little checking around to see what her other options were. Jamie teaches you why birth centers might be a great option for you & what that experience can look like for you.

She was thrilled to find her “Cadillac” experience of birth at a (somewhat local) birthing center.  Though their choice to give birth at a birthing center wasn’t the most convenient (over an hour away & wasn’t covered by insurance), Jamie shares the whole scoop about what it’s like to give birth at a birthing center & why it was worth every penny.

She talks about her laid back conversation with the birth center staff when her water broke…and how that led to just relaxing before labor, hanging out, going on a date with hubby to the movies, going to the grocery store…& just patiently waiting for labor to naturally kick in (like it does 98% of the time without putting a time limit on it). Her husband even took a nap at the super comfy birth center accommodations :)  

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. Why & How Jamie was compelled to make a gutsy change in healthcare provider decision at 36 weeks pregnant.
  2. The flow of a birth center birth- what happens when you get there, who takes care of what & how it all goes down (pun intended).
  3. Why you owe it to yourself & your baby to investigate ALL your options for whatever kind of birth you decide (b/c birth is the most important thing that’ll ever happen to you & baby) 

Who is Jamie Fuller?

Jamie Fuller is the mama of 2 boys and the wife of one. Jamie had two very different but equally amazing birth experiences with each of her kiddos. The first was at a hospital and the second was at a birth center.  Jamie is passionate about helping women know their options and being fully prepared for birth.  Jamie and family live in Michigan.

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  • kk2010

    I also switched at 37 weeks to a birth center an hour away and it was the best decision I ever made. My insurance also didn’t cover it, but I would have regretted it if I had gone with the hospital birth.

    • yourbabybooty

      Some things are just worth paying for out of pocket. It sounds like this was one of them for you! So glad you listened to whatever intution or circumstance was telling you and made a big move:)

  • A’ya Ali

    I am 36 weeks and will switch to a birth center as well.. Lol it is interesting to know that I am not the only crazy one.. I was at a hospital at first, switch to a home midwife (bad experience), went back to the hospital and finally my husband and I found a birth center in Boulder CO that we absolutely love.. God willing everything is as perfect or better than what we expect.. I am due March 30th.

    • yourbabybooty

      That’s great that you’ve found a place (and provider) where you feel safe and loved! That is definitely key in progressing with labor:) I love it that you didn’t give up and just kept on looking!! I wonder if you’ll have a March or April baby?? Keep us posted!!