“I Wanted To Have A Healthy Baby With My 2 Uteri & 2 Cervi High Risk Birth. I Did. Here’s My Story…”


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(with Jana Nattermann, mama) When first diagnosed, doctors mistakenly told Jana that having Uterus Didelphys (2 uteri) would result in miscarriages. And if she got through the miscarriages, she’d definitely have a high risk pregnancy & high risk birth.

Her mind started spinning. She started thinking … “ok, I guess I need to get pregnant with my right uterus so I can…” But Jana didn’t give up. 

She tried to get pregnant for 2 years. Then it finally happened. Yayyy! And ironically after no miscarriages, she was definitely pregnant! 

Since pre-term labor was a huge concern, Jana set her sights on making it until 24 weeks (which was when her baby had a 50/50 shot of surviving outside the womb). Much to her surprise, she made it to a whopping 41 weeks … but would her baby ever come? If she did, would it be the way that Jana had hoped?

With 2 uteri & 2 cervi, Jana was able to have a healthy baby. She shares her story here…

You’ll Learn:

  1. Having a pregnancy labeled “high risk” can actually be beneficial, because the close monitoring of your body and your baby can ease your fears.
  2. Do research on your “unique situation” & educate yourself. No one is more interested in learning how to have a healthy baby than you. And no one will look out for your baby better than you.
  3. Stay positive during your pregnancy. Even in the ‘smoothest’ of pregnancies, there are ALWAYS things to worry about (if you allow your worries to control you). Yes, you can control your mind (especially what you feed it).

Who is Jana Nattermann?

Jana (is an East Coast & West Coast girl) having grown up in both San Francisco and Virginia Beach. She is married to Josh and together they are parents to 3 kiddos. 

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