How Can I Overcome Fear?


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(with Angela Haglund, mom of 2, childbirth educator) So much runs through your mind when thinking about birth. Your mind can easily get in the way of your own birth. That’s why so many moms say… “facing whatever fears you have can easily change the outcome of your birth”. But how do you just “face your fears of birth? And how do you figure out & get rid of birth fears you never even knew you had? 

Angela gives you a method how. She gives you proven ways (from over 10 year’s experience) to get rid of the fear that might hold you back from experiencing an amazing birth as you meet your baby. She teaches you how to get everything you’re thinking about out of your head & down on paper, then how to find each fear & how to overcome each one. She also teaches you how to use visualization to help have a successful birth & gives examples on how to do it. Goodbye to Fear Hello ConfidenceYou’ll Also Learn:

  1. Why women usually have hidden fears about childbirth- how to identify them & get rid of them.
  2. Why identifying your fears about childbirth is important & how it can actually HELP you during labor. 
  3. Having people believe in you and guide you through the process of giving birth is invaluable and why that is.

Who is Angela Haglund?

Angela Haglund was born, raised & still lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s a wife, the mama of 2 kiddos & a dog lover (2 pooches). Angela has been a certified childbirth educator for the past decade & is the founder of 

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  • Brooke Collier

    this was tremendously helpful. i’ve been really aware of some lingering fear as i approach my second birth. i’ll be using some of these exercises to work through that. thank you!

    • yourbabybooty

      mmm. So glad Brooke! It’s so good to be honest with ourselves about lingering fear, even though it’s easy stuff it down and think “I got this”- it’s amazing how much it can impact our labor! Being open handed and very positive is so huge. Excited to hear about baby Collier’s arrival!!