Do the Benefits of Skin to Skin Care Really *Double* Your Breastfeeding Success & Reduce Baby’s Crying by 12 Times?


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(with Barbara Harper, R.N. Midwife, Founder of Waterbirth International, Author, Educator) You’ve been waiting all your life for this day. 9 months just flew by. Even though you haven’t seen him yet, you’ve bonded with your precious little babe. You’ve talked to him or her. Most definitely shared some belly laughs. Shared a few of your cravings with him or her {baby is now a chocoholic like you}. You’ve just loved on that bundle of joy as much as you possibly could. And now it’s time. You’re about to meet your baby! {squeal of excitement…}

But unfortunately you didn’t learn something. Something that would help your little bambino meet you.

And that something was also medically proven to improve his health, your health & doubles his chances for successful breastfeeding up to 6 months. The rest of the world knows about it. But no one taught you.  

According to this skin to skin study from the US Cochrane Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,which reviewed 34 studies involving 2,177 moms & babies, a few of the benefits of having baby skin to skin are:

  1. Improved interaction between mom & baby
  2. Less anxiety for new moms
  3. More breast milk production, easier breastfeeding & longer breastfeeding 
  4. Less crying (12 times less likely to cry in the study)
  5. Stabilizes heart rate & body temperature for your baby
  6. Higher & more stable blood sugar levels for your baby

Barbara Harper, one of the top childbirth experts in the world, is about to show you how to do skin to skin, teach you how to get all these benefits of skin to skin for your baby & even walks you through how to talk to your doctor (with examples). 

She demonstrates for you exactly what skin to skin care is (with baby Lucy), shows you how it works & teaches you even more evidence benefiting your baby. She shows you how your baby’s neurological development, breastfeeding & bonding is improved by having baby skin to skin. She also shares why you don’t want to skip skin to skin.

You’ll Also Learn

  1. The 4 ways babies are biologically programmed to develop in the womb & why skin to skin is the best help for their transition to the outside world. 
  2. How just 20 minutes to 1 hour of baby skin to skin after birth leads to better health.
  3. What medical situations don’t permit skin to skin after birth & what you can do (this one has a surprising answer).
  4. What happens inside your baby’s brain when they’re able to look into your eyes after birth (hint- it involves massive brain development)

Who is Barbara Harper?

Barbara Harper has been called “the Billy Graham of waterbirth”, we would venture to say she’s “the Billy Graham of birth education.” She’s truly an ambassador having traveled to over 43 countries training doctors, nurses, doulas in childbirth & waterbirth. She’s been interviewed in hundreds of journals, publications and TV programs. She is the Founder and Director of Water Birth International and is the author of “Gentle Birth Choices.” She is currently working on two new books. She is a registered nurse, midwife &  has 3 children & 1 grandson.


Watch the Class (download MP3- Part 1, Part 2)

Part 2


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  • Kelly

    Fantastic topic! As a nurse and lactation consultant who has seen this work so well in “real life” I’m SOLD on the power of skin-to-skin. There is something biologically necessary in those first hours of life! Thanks for sharing.

    • yourbabybooty

      Thanks for your thoughts Kelly! I’m sure you definitely witness its power. It’s so fantastic when there are nurses who realize the incredible life changing benefits and can help get the word out when mamas give birth:) Thank you for all you do.

  • Victoria Nelson

    Great read i must say, i don’t know that skin care helps in increasing breastfeeding rate. I used to take proper diet and do Yoga in my pregnancy times to strengthen the baby. Yoga helps in increasing the endurance of body slowly and improving the mind eye coordination simultaneously. So it’s highly recommended to do some exercise and yoga in your nursing days for getting better results. Apart from yoga, health diet is also helpful to increasing breast milk vitamins which are essential for a baby in his first 1000 days of life.

    • yourbabybooty

      Skin to skin is what Barbara is teaching, which is different than skin care, so hopefully that wasn’t lost in translation:) Yoga is great too!