Do I Have Postpartum Depression or the Baby Blues? {EVIDENCE on how to beat both}


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(with Lesley Jeruzal- mama)  ”Moms who look the most put together are often the moms who are falling apart the most inside.” says Lesley.

She knows. 

She’s been through the ringer with 4 births & had postpartum depression after each birth. She’s now super active in postpartum depression (PPD) support groups & is a postpartum doula. 

The studies say at least 20% of us have struggles right after birth (when you count women who don’t report their struggles right away)- check out the largest study on PPD here

Postpartum Depression might happen to you. Even if you’ve never been “depressed” a day in your life.

Do I have postpartum depression? Or maybe it’s just the Baby Blues?

A lot of times having PPD doesn’t mean you’re walking around “depressed” (the way most of us picture it)…it often shows up in anger, or you getting OCD on things, you feeling disconnected, you having anxiety, crying a ton, you feeling mad that you have to change or feed your baby again. It’s just not you. It’s some variation of you, that you can’t figure out. And it’s ok. You don’t have to try & figure it out alone. So many of us feel it. So few of us talk about it. It’s real. And it can really hurt.  

Lesley shares her story. She teaches you ALL she’s learned from her bumpy ride into mamahood. She gives us a look into what her postpartum depression was like, how  she realized it wasn’t just the Baby Blues & the moment she asked for help. Lesley is super candid about the meds she’s on, the support group she attends & the best friends she’s met.

This is why we created this site. None of us are alone in our journey. Everyone struggles. The more we share, the more we learn & the better decisions we all make. Thanks Lesley for being real! 

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. How to tell the difference between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression.
  2. Identifying the signs and symptoms & what to do next if you think you may have it, or you see it in a friend.
  3. Options for treatment
  4. Links mentioned in this lesson: Postpartum Depression for Dummies book, Postpartum Support International,

Who is Lesley Jeruzal?

Lesley is a wife & mama. She’s very active in the postpartum depression support community in her town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her “spare time” Lesley is a postpartum doula, assisting families after they’ve just come home from the hospital. 


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  • sara

    i always wonder how much of PPD is related to how a baby is born. For example, as per studies, more women have PPD when they have caesarians etc. as their hormonal “flow” is not the same as in uninterrupted delivery.

    • yourbabybooty

      Great point Sara. THere’s definitely something to be said for that. Hormones are powerful stuff!!

  • Mychal

    Thanks, really. This was a very helpful interview.

    • yourbabybooty

      You are so welcome. Very happy that you found it helpful!