Delayed Cord Clamping: How 2 minutes can give your baby 33% more blood & better health


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(with Dr. Sarah Buckley, MD & mom) 

120 seconds…that’s all it takes.

Wait 2 minutes & your baby can get: 1) 33% more blood, 2) Have a decreased risk of anemia (low iron), 3) Have more proteins that carry oxygen throughout their body (hemoglobin), 4) Get more stem cells into their little body & 5) Get more oxygen directly into their vital organs during the most important moment of their entire life…when their own lungs fill with air for the first time during their first breath. 

Would you wait those 120 seconds? Or would you rush passed?

Waiting for all of your baby’s own blood to transfer into their little body, then clamping & cutting the umbilical cord is called “Delayed Cord Clamping”. And it takes all of about 2 minutes. 

The best medical evidence in existence clearly shows delayed cord clamping gives “clinical benefits” to your baby. There is no strong evidence against delayed cord clamping.  Here is one review of delayed cord clamping evidence (that reviewed 11 separate trials) from the US Cochrane Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (the gold standard for evidence based medicine) involving more than 2,989 moms & babies. 

The answer seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? But if the medical evidence proves all those benefits for your baby, why do most doctors & nurses still clamp & cut your baby’s cord immediately?

Enter Dr. Sarah Buckley. Dr. Buckley teaches you what cord clamping is, how it got started in the first place (it’s a fascinating historical tidbit), how delayed cord clamping works & why it’s so impactful for your baby.  We even learn something Erasmus Darwin (the grand-daddy of Charles Darwin) wrote in 1801, which will blow you away. Don’t miss that one.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. What cord blood is & why it’s so important
  2. How it’s massively beneficial for baby & any risks associated with delayed cord clamping
  3. Situations which would prevent delayed cord clamping (this surprised us)
  4. Why you can’t do both delayed cord clamping & blood banking
  5. How many months’ worth of iron gained from breastfeeding is equal to waiting 120 seconds to clamp the cord
  6. How to talk to your provider about cord clamping, when to talk to them & what to say

Who is Dr Sarah Buckley?

Dr. Buckley is the mama of 4 kids.  She trained as a family practice physician with specialties in obstetrics & family planning.  Dr. Buckley lectures all over the globe about birth and parenting. She is the author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: a Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices & is the founder of Gentle Natural Birth.  Dr. Buckley & family live in Brisbane, Australia. She’s one inspirational woman!


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