Cord Blood Banking: Should I Bank My Baby’s Cord Blood To Save Their Life? –with Dr. Sarah Buckley


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(with Dr. Sarah Buckley, MD & mom) “If I don’t pay to save my kid’s cord blood, am I a bad parent?” 

Have you thought that yet? I know I did.

How can’t we? The super aggressive advertising from all the private cord blood baking companies is everywhere. They “advertise” by saying things like … “safeguard for the future“… ”insurance policy for the future” …  ”a once in a lifetime opportunity” … “storing your baby’s umbilical cord could save their life” … “don’t let a precious resource go to waste“.

By targeting expectant parents with pictures of beautiful kids blowing bubbles or romping in the grass, the message is clear: health means banking baby’s blood. But is that true?

Does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend cord blood banking? What does the American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) say about all these private cord blood banks? 

Costing over a $1,000  out of pocket (on average) plus a yearly fee, cord blood banking is not an inexpensive undertaking. Is it worth it?

Dr. Sarah Buckley teaches the details & research on cord blood banking. Things like: 

  1. Does cord blood banking save lives?
  2. What is cord blood banking, how/when is it taken & how/when is it used?
  3. What are the chances my child will need their own blood & when could it be used?
  4. Why some medical staff may suggest you do it (the answer may surprise you)
  5. What are the risks of cord blood banking? 
  6. Comparing risks & benefits of delayed cord clamping to cord blood banking
  7. Why all the scrutiny surrounding cord blood banking?
  8. When do I have to decide?
  9. Should I donate to a public blood bank instead? (when & why parents consider doing this)
  10. What other considerations are important when making a decision?
  11. What you should look for in a bank, if you’re going to do it.

Who is Dr. Sarah Buckley?

Dr. Buckley is a leading expert in childbirth & the mama of 4 kids. She trained as a family practice physician with specialties in obstetrics and family planning. Dr. Buckley is in high demand to lecture all over the world about birth and parenting. Check out Dr. Buckley’s website here & get her book here. She’s an inspiring woman & loves teaching mamas (like you) how to give your baby the best start at birth . Dr. Buckley and family live in Brisbane, Australia.



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