Can You Have a Home Birth In a Hospital? -with Dr. Stacey Kerr


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(with Dr. Stacey Kerr, mom, veteran MD) 

You like the idea of home birth & love all the benefits it offers to help you throughout labor & birth, but when you really get down to it…you just aren’t gonna be comfortable giving birth outside a hospital. And neither is your spouse.

You also know you want to avoid a “medicalized birth” that could increase the chances of birth interventions. You’ve read the evidence on routine interventions & other evidence based care resources and just don’t want interventions unless they are absolutely medically required. So…question for you…

Can you have a home birth in a hospital?

And what does that even mean? There actually is a name for it & it’s called “integrative care”. Integrative care is when you receive the nurturing style of the midwifery model of care (which doctors can still give you b/c it’s a style of care), but have the traditional medical model as backup in case you need it. But all of it happens in the hospital. The goal of integrative care is to give you the kind of care you want & need in its best possible form. It’s a hybrid. It’s like the best of both worlds. Integrative care is growing in popularity with lots of moms & providers because of all the benefits it gives moms (Dr. Fischbein talks a lot about why he integrated his Ob/Gyn practice with midwives here.) 

Who better to teach us about “what integrative care could look like for you” & “what the benefits are for you” than Dr. Stacey Kerr. She’s a veteran MD, a mom, has helped 1,000′s of moms deliver their babies and has even been a doula.

Dr. Kerr shares with us the 5 keys to have a successful integrative birth. Lots light bulb moments are in here, like when she compares birth interventions to interrupting someone when they’re about to orgasm. I know…it sounds a bit weird, but it’s brilliant and makes so much sense when you actually hear it! Another one is when Dr. Kerr talks about one of her patients who pushed for 10 hours straight. You’ll have to listen to find out about that one!

Who is Dr. Stacey Kerr?

Dr. Kerr wanted to be a family practice MD, because it offered her the opportunity to deliver babies & also care for the mom, dad, other kids and the grandparents. She wanted to be involved in the entire life path of families. Dr. Kerr is retired from family practice, but can be regularly found speaking at conferences, talking with expectant mamas on her website & enjoying her kids and grand kids  She’s also served as a volunteer doula for her former patients who can’t imagine a birth without her. Read her book “Homebirth in a Hospital.”


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