Bullied by Illness | How to put up your dukes to save your kid, your marriage & your sanity


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(With Lori Wetzel, mama of 3) Illnesses can bully everything & everyone in their path. Superheroes exist!

Lori is one of them. She’s the mama of a son with Type 1 Diabetes. Lori shares a day in her life, from waking up to test blood sugar levels every few hours, to keeping track & managing her son’s food intake, so he can sometimes splurge on candy & other fun “kid things”.

YourBabyBooty Bullied By IllnessShe also gets real and shares about the highs & lows that are all part of living with a beautiful kiddo with demanding needs. You’ll walk away with tips on dealing with major challenges as a family- and a profound respect for the families confronted with life changing illness.

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. How fighting an illness takes a strong marriage. Stick together. Your spouse is the only person who truly knows what life is like for you.
  2. Lori gives suggestions on finding community, particularly people who are going through similar challenges or are in similar situations
  3. Sometimes community is online- that works too! Being able to connect and “let go” with people in your same shoes both near and far can alleviate a lot of loneliness you might feel.

Who is Lori Wetzel?

Simultaneously adopting a newborn, getting pregnant & adding a third child to the mix fifteen months later hasn’t left Lori & Chris much time. Parents to two very busy six year old girls & a 4 year old son (living with type 1 diabetes), these parents are an amazing example of the tenacity, tenderness, love and endurance it takes to raise kids who have special needs. 

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