Breech Baby | Just Because My Baby is Breech Does That Mean an Automatic C-Section?


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(With Yolanda Visser, Certified Professional Midwife) “I walked in to my 37 week appointment and was told ‘your baby flipped, your baby is breech’. I wanted to cry. I always heard that if breech babies don’t turn, that’s a guaranteed ticket for a c-section. Could I have a breech birth if I wanted one? Why would I want one? How do I get baby to turn now?” …this is a story about 4% of moms face who have breech babies at term (according to numbers in this CDC report).

“If you have a breech baby that won’t turn, to say it’s an automatic c-section…that’s not true. Having a breech baby is not automatically a problem. It’s a variation. You still have muscles (in your uterus) that need to open up and let baby out. It’s just how it happens is different”, says veteran midwife & breech baby expert Yolanda Visser. 

Here is a study supporting breech vaginal birth from the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. It concludes by saying… “In places where planned vaginal delivery is a common practice and when strict criteria are met before and during labor, planned vaginal delivery [of one baby] in breech presentation at term remains a safe option that can be offered to women.”

In this lesson, Yolanda teaches you what to do when baby is breech, why babies are breech, why c-sections are not automatic & having a breech baby is just a variation of normal, why head down is the optimal birth position and at what point in your pregnancy you need to be in tune with where baby is positioned. She also dives into why so few providers have the skill to catch breech babies (a story she shares to illustrate this point is incredible). 

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. What to be aware of when baby is breech.
  2. Things to remember if your baby isn’t turning and you’re not sure what to do.
  3. Why taking into consideration ALL the factors regarding your baby’s breech position are essential to decision-making with your provider.
  4. What you can do to turn a baby into position (which will help you avoid even thinking about a c-section).

Who is Yolanda Visser?

Yolanda Visser is the mama of two kiddos and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). She’s caught over 2,300 babies in her 32 years as a midwife. Yolanda lives in Michigan. Links Yolanda mentioned: spinning babies. *photo credit Bryan Nixon


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