Breastfeeding: When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Go As Planned


(With Mara Neboshynsky, mama of 2)  What happen when your breast friend lets you down?

Mara was in bliss with the birth of her first-born & was 100% sure she’d be one of those mamas who would breast feed her baby forever. Okay, well not forever but longer than…oh, 3 months. The Breast Milk production facility inside Mara’s bosom starting having production problems, which left Mara’s baby hungry & left Mara dealing with major disappointment.

Mara overcame this setback & shares how she did it.

Who is Mara Neboshynsky?

Mara is the mama of 2 school aged kiddos who spent her pre-kid years as an elementary school teacher. That was before she married her Active Duty Navy husband who has since lived a nomadic Navy lifestyle, moving all over the world.  Mara is currently a stay at home mama and lives wherever the Navy sends her. 

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