Babywearing | Why Wearing Your Baby Could Save Your Sanity & Your Health


(With Tabitha Goins, Mom of 3, Babywearing Expert)  Most of us have {rough} adjustments to the new normal as a new mom.

But what if you could do something so easy (has been around for 1,000′s of years), that would simplify your life, give you some freedom again, give you the use of both arms again, would help baby sleep better, improve baby’s health & would just help you be happier as a new mom?  

One mama discovered that wearing her baby saved her sanity, helped her baby overcome a challenging health issue & helped her feel like she got a big piece of her life back. She’s about to teach you how you can get all that too.

Tabitha Goins, a babywearing consultant, shares the inside scoop about & guides you through the maze of slings, wraps & soft carriers for your baby. You’ll get to see her demonstrate the secrets on how to make baby carriers work, so you’ll know if it’s something you want to pick up. She shows you exactly how baby should be positioned, so you’re confident & baby is content (can you say match made in heaven?)!Your Baby Booty- babywearing

You’ll Also Learn:

  1. The low-down on the health benefits for parents & babies of baby carriers.
  2. A secret way you can try all kinds of baby carriers without breaking the bank.
  3. Ever wonder how to use those long baby wraps? She shows you exactly how to put that bad-boy on in a couple easy steps.

Who is Tabitha?

Tabitha Goins is the mama of 3 & babywearing consultant for Sprouts. She can be found giving mamas (& dads) a hand with babywearing  through her soon-to-be-released internet babywearing classes- she’ll also be doing consults via skype. Tabitha has worked with Babywearing International in the Chicagoland area & she loves being outside with her little ones. 

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