Get Your Baby to Eat the Solid Foods You Want…In Less Time.


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(with Doug Struthers, Ella’s Kitchen) Ohhh yeah, the classic “You vs. Baby” heavyweight food fight to get your baby solids…  

Trying to force the healthy greenish broccoli mush stuff into your baby never ends well. Baby launches broccoli mush off the highchair faster than you can reach in the freezer for your dark chocolate Dove Bar(s).

Your baby doesn’t have anger issues and they’re not destined for malnutrition…this is a battle everyone fights. 

So if everyone fights it … what’s the secret? What are the tricks? How do we make it easier to get our baby solids?  

Doug Struthers, head of Ella’s Kitchen USA, is here to help. He teaches us how to look at eating from a kid’s point of view. Instead of the usual “square peg round hole” style of trying and trying and trying to get baby to eat the solid foods you want, he actually teaches us how to make the whole “get baby to eat healthy solid foods and like it” thing fun! 

Ella’s Kitchen did a study & found the more they can trigger kids’ senses (just like our adult senses get triggered in an amazing restaurant) and the more kids want to play with their food…the more they’ll eat.

What if we made food less stressful?

Does it smell good? Taste good? Is it cool to touch? Fun to look at? Fun to talk about?

Plus You’ll Learn

  1. How to to pull your kid towards eating healthy solid food instead of pushing them.
  2. Why good quality food is like an insurance policy that’s FREE.
  3. How Ella’s uses science to help kids (i.e. Metabolic Imprinting- healthy eating in early years (even prenatal) scientifically correlates to healthier kids as they get older) and how you can too.

 “The first two to three years of life act as a critical period for developing food preference that persist into adulthood.” -Cashdan E (1994) 

Who is Doug Struthers?

Doug Struthers is the Dad to twins Max & Eve & hubby of Hilary. His fantastic accent comes from Nottingham, England. (yes, Robin Hood’s Nottingham) Doug learned of Ella’s Kitchen because his 2 year old twins wouldn’t stop chowing down healthy organic vegetables & fruits (Ella’s pouches)…so he was like “whhhattt is this stuff?” He joined Ella’s because he’s passionate about healthy food, loves helping kids live healthy lives & believes in Ella’s mission to fight childhood obesity.

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