Are Home Births safe?


(with Kristen Cates, Certified Nurse Midwife)  With cesarean section rates in the US climbing over 30%, couples are realizing they have choices. “Where, How, Why & When should I give birth” are becoming more common questions couples use to examine all of their birthing options before making the best decision for them. In this interview, Kristen Cates, certified nurse midwife, addresses three of the most popular & most asked questions “are home births safe?”… “how much does  a home birth cost & “does insurance cover a home birth?”

Who is Kristen Cates?

Kristen knew from a young age being a midwife was her calling. She’s been a certified nurse midwife (CNM) since 2004 and owns her own home birth midwifery practice, Sequoia Midwifery , servicing the San Francisco Bay Area.  She also teaches prenatal yoga, is a registered nurse, nurse practitioner & was a doula in the days prior to becoming a full-fledged midwife. Some links mentioned: Midwife alliance of north America, Citizens for Midwifery & AquaDoula Tub.

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*transcripts coming soon*