Pregnancy, Labor & Birth Lingo -


Pregnancy, Labor & Birth Lingo You’ll Hear | Knowing Them Will Help You Make Better Decisions- You’ll hear providers & moms slingin’ these terms like hot potatoes. We made this PDF so you won’t be lost {bonus- it’s in mom speak}.  




ASK: A Question Guide for Pregnant Peeps. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. So we made a list of questions {to help you find THE right provider} for you to ask: yourself, your spouse & prospective: doctors, midwives, doulas & pediatricians. 






How to calculate your Due Date- YourBabyBooty.comDue Date Calculation Sheet- Here’s a super easy & simple way to calculate your Due Date. 






Birth Vision Guide - YourBabyBooty.comBirth Vision: a guide to writing oneThinking through your birth will give you big time confidence & help you be flexible {and say goodbye to fear!}. 





How to find the best childcare-

{Great} Questions to ask Potential Childcare PeepsYeah, slightly important since your booboo is gonna be hangin’ out with them all day & they are filling in for you during the day. These questions came from an award winning childcare provider.