Are you paid to say that baby products rock?

The short is answer is “no.” And actually, the long answer is also “no.” We do have affiliate links on our site, so if you click on something and end up buying it, we may benefit. Having said that,  the integrity of the site is the most important thing for us. We pride ourselves on giving honest opinions and low-downs on products, even if that makes some companies mad. We’re all about you mama.

So how do you pick which baby products end up on your site?

Great question. Thankyouforasking. We spent countless hours (and I do mean countless) talking to mamas everywhere, asking them what they loved and what they hated, what they can’t live without and what’s a waste, when it comes to baby gear. We also checked out consumer safety groups to see what they thought about products, and looked online at what mamas thought about baby gear they had used. We (as in “I) are also a mama and so I have some experience with this as well. In other words, we did extensive research to find the safest, most usable, most loved baby gear for each mama type. We hope you agree.

Do you have a page for twins or multiples?

You know, we love twins and multiples and have the utmost love and respect for the mamas superheros who give them life and take care of them. At this point, we do not have a multiples category but that’s not to say it’s not in our future! I guess you’ll have to keep coming back to find out:)

Will the baby gear you recommend, change?

Yes. New, wonderful, must-have products are created every day. As the baby gear experts, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest and greatest must-haves for your registry. Also, if a product gets enough “thumbs-down” from our readers, we will promptly remove it and replace it with something better that mamas love.

How do I get my product onto Your Baby Booty?

Ohh that’s an easy one. Fire an email to info@yourbabybooty.com and tell me about your product and we’ll chat. Even if you send me the product to try out, that doesn’t mean it will end up on our site.

Hey I’m a new mama and would love to be a tester-outter-of-the-baby-products. Hook a mother up!

We would love to hook a mother up! Absolutely. Send us an email to info@yourbabybooty.com and we’ll add you to our list. As soon as baby products comes along, we’ll notify you and see if you’re interested. There are certain things we’ll need from you in return…(not your firstborn child) but something along those lines.

I would love to submit a video review. How do I do that?

Head on over to our “Booty in Action how do I submit that?” page.

You have some organic baby products on the site, what does “organic” really mean?

Hmm. Great question. Where food is concerned, the federal government has a legal definition of Organic (read this for more info . When it comes to products, the term “organic” can mean lots of different things. Companies can basically advertise their products as “organic” even if there’s only one part of the product that is. That’s where we come in.

Here at YBB,  we don’t determine ourselves if a baby product is organic. We list product names as they appear on the company’s website. Having said that, we put lots of time researching products and will usually say in our descriptions to what extent the product is organic, or green or eco-friendly. So read the product descriptions! If you have any questions or comments, please email us at info@yourbabybooty.com