your baby booty- the business of being bornThe Business of Being Born

This Birthumentary has created quite a buzzzzz in the ole Birthing World since it’s release in 2008. In fact, after we watched it the first time, we watched it a second time and then it caused us to stop and evaluate the decisions we had made (or not made) on our own pregnancy/childbirth journey after which we did a 180.  So be warned! Watching this film may cause you to take action, do research, think or talk about where you’re at in your journey to giving birth to your precious bambino.  Click Here to Read More





Your Baby Booty- Pregnant in America

Pregnant in America

While this film challenges your assumptions about birth & asks some great questions (which we love!), it slants big time with an ‘anti-hospital’ & ‘anti-medical’ stance. So much so, that it overshadowed the best parts of the film.

Lumping the entire ‘medical community’ under one umbrella & insinuating you can’t get high quality Evidence Based Care just isn’t true. It also minimizes the exceptional care that some world leading physicians & hospitals provide.

Fact: Hospitals, Doctors, C-sections & other interventions save lives {when used appropriately}.  A better question might be “how do we get the best Evidence Based Care wherever we feel most comfortable giving birth?” {assuming we’ve researched our options}. A hospital birth is most definitely not for everyone…& neither is a home birth.  Read more about Pregnant in America.


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