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1. After you read Going to the MotherLand & as you’re writing your review, consider including some of the following in your review (this is based on a study done of the most helpful reviews in Amazon): “Brief synopsis, what you learned, how it helped you, what you loved and why, articulate how it made you feel and what it made you think, who you’d recommend the book to and why?”

(you don’t need to follow that exactly, just wanted to pass an organized way to write a review that people find most helpful. That will help them decide if the book is a good fit for them.) 

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To download, right click the link below and select “save as” or “save target”. 

Going to the MotherLand {PDF}

**Please note this is in pdf format, so you’ll need Adobe PDF Reader to view it and print it. You can get the reader for free at

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