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Susan Wente Comparing OB/GYN to Midwifery care (Side-by-Side): What Would Each Care Be Like For You? Susan Wente, Certified Nurse Midwife 35+ years, Mom of 2
Dr. Cathy Taig How & Why Can Chiropractic Help You in Pregnancy & Labor? Dr. Cathy Taig, Chiropractor, Mom of 1
Barbara Hotelling picture Want a Healthy Baby? Here's How Evidence Based Care Helps You Have a Healthy Baby Barbara Hotelling, Nurse Practitioner, Past President of Lamaze International, Mom of 5
Jennifer Tucker How to Exercise When You're Pregnant {even if you only have 15 mins} Jennifer Tucker, Perinatal Exercise Specialist
Sarah McKay Embarrassing Questions About Pregnancy, Birth & Afterwards {that no one talks about} Sarah McKay, Doula, Lactation Consultant, Hypnobabies instructor, mom of 6
Dr. Fishchbein picture- how to have a fearless birth How to Be Fearless in Pregnancy & Childbirth Dr. Stuart Fischbein- OB/GYN & Dad of 4


photo of Nichole Miller Your Baby Booty C-Sections: What I Wish I Had Known. Nichole Miller, RN, Mom of 1
Dr. Tami Michele Epidural- Less Pain During Birth With an Epidural. What an OB/GYN Wants You to Know Dr. Tami Michele, OB/GYN- former doula & childbirth educator, Mom of 4
Dr. Lucky Jain How to Have a Healthy Baby {and avoid the NICU} -with Dr. Lucky Jain Dr. Lucky Jain, Dad of 2, Neonatologist at Emory University School of Medicine Cindy Crawford Interview “How I Managed Pain in Birth”- with Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford, Supermodel, Businesswoman, Mom of 2
Barbara Harper Do the Benefits of Skin to Skin Care Really *Double* Your Breastfeeding Success & Reduce Baby's Crying by 12 Times? Barbara Harper, R.N. Midwife, Founder of Waterbirth International, Author, Educator, Mom of 3
Yolanda Visser Breech Baby | Just Because My Baby is Breech Does That Mean an Automatic C-Section? Yolanda Visser, Certified Professional Midwife, Mom of 2
Stacey Marie Kerr, MD Can You Have a Home Birth In a Hospital? Stacey Marie Kerr, MD, Mom
michele-deck Why would a Lamaze Birth Class Help You Be Ready For Birth? Michele Deck, RN, past president of Lamaze International, Mom of 3
Sarah McKay If Childbirth is Natural, Then Why Bother Preparing For It? Sarah McKay, Doula Trainer, Hypno-doula, Lactation Consultant, Mom of 6
Your Baby Booty Kristen Cates picture Are Home Births safe? Kristen Cates, Certified Nurse Midwife
Mavis Schorn picture "Natural C-section"- What Are They, What Are the Benefits & Should I Get One? Mavis Schorn, PhD, Mom, Certified Nurse Midwife, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
Angela Haglund How Can I Overcome Fear? Angela Haglund, Certified Childbirth Educator, Mom of 2
Barbara Harper Waterbirth | What Are The Risks & Benefits of Water Birth? Should I Have a Water Birth? Barbara Harper, RN, Midwife, Founder of Waterbirth International, Author, Educator, Mom of 3
Dr Bethany Hays testimonial The truth about "Normal Birth" -with Dr. Bethany Hays Dr. Bethany Hays, 30 year veteran OB/GYN, mom of 3 boys
Dr. Tami Michele Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section- Can I have a VBAC? Dr. Tami Michele, OB/GYN (former doula & childbirth educator), Mom of 4
Michelle Collins Step-by-Step. What can I expect during a Vaginal Birth in a Hospital? Michelle Collins, Certified Nurse Midwife, PhD, Mom of 2
Jenna Anderson Is a Doula worth the money? Jenna Anderson, Doula, Mom of 2
Karlye McNeeley Who Else Is Wondering What Hypnobirthing Really Is? Karlye McNeeley, R.N., Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, mom of 3
Your Baby Booty Kristen Cates picture The Down & Dirty of Home Births: How Does a Home Birth Work? Kristen Cates, Certified Nurse Midwife
Michelle Collins Preparing for Labor & Birth: Why Women Who Prepare For Birth Do Better In Labor Michelle Collins, PhD, Certified Nurse Midwife (Vanderbilt University)
Barbara Harper Birth Positions | How Do Labor & Birth Positions Result In Less Pain & Faster Labor? What Many Birth Classes Never Tell You... Barbara Harper, R.N., Midwife, Founder of Waterbirth International, Author, Educator, Mom of 3
Dr. Fishchbein picture- how to have a fearless birth How to Be Fearless in Pregnancy & Childbirth Dr. Stuart Fischbein- OB/GYN & Dad of 4

Life with a newborn

Sarah McKay Breastfeeding: How To Breastfeed Easier Sarah McKay, Lactation Consultant, Doula Trainer, Mom of 6 Amanda Bottleson Youthland Academy How to Find the Best Childcare For Your Baby When Maternity Leave Is Over Amanda Bottleson, mom of 4, President & CEO of award winning Youthland Academy
Picture of Lesley Jeruzal How Do Postpartum Doulas Improve Your Life As a New Mom? Lesley Jeruzal, mom of 3, Postpartum Doula
doug struthers Get Your Baby to Eat the Solid Foods You Want…In Less Time. Doug Struthers, CEO Ella's Kitchen, Dad of 2
Alyson Schafer “This is What New Motherhood Looks Like ... a Big Scattered Mess” Alyson Schafer, Psychotherapist, Parenting Expert, Author, Mom of 2
kim-anderson How Do You NOT Lose Yourself {Forever} As a New Mom Kim Anderson, Life Coach, Counselor, Mom of 2
Dr. Suzanne Fenton How To Protect Your Baby & Kids From Toxins. Suzanne Fenton, PhD in toxicology, Mom
picture of Talitha Seibel Does My Baby Have Food Allergies? How Do I Know & What Do I Do? Talitha Seibel, Allergen Counselor, Mom of 4 kelly emery Your Breasts...Why They're The 8th Wonder of The World Kelly Emery, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Mom of 2
Amanda Pruett Vaccines: Why It Pays To Pay Attention Amanda Pruett, Mom of 2
Mollee Bauer Self Care: How Do I Take Care of Myself As a New Mom? Mollee Bauer, Founder of, Mom
Leah Tribus Questions You Forgot To Ask About Breastfeeding {but needed to}. Leah Tribus, International Board Certfied Lactation Consultant, Certified Childbirth Educator, Mom of 3