No Fear

How My Emotions Controlled My Labor & How Yours Will Too

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(With Jill Klaiber, mama of 4) Jill was no stranger to giving birth. She was pregnant with number 3 & was all set for a super fast labor, then delivery. After all, isn’t the 3rd one said to fly out like a rocket? Of course they are. Active labor kicked in. But Jill didn’t know it. Her […]

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How Can I Overcome Fear?

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(with Angela Haglund, mom of 2, childbirth educator) So much runs through your mind when thinking about birth. Your mind can easily get in the way of your own birth. That’s why so many moms say… “facing whatever fears you have can easily change the outcome of your birth”. But how do you just “face […]

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Overwhelmed & Uncertain About Birth? Learn what one mom with 3 different birth experiences wishes she knew {and get confident}

Jill Hartsock helps you feel less overwhelmed by birth. Conquer your fear of birth.

(With Jill Hartsock, mama of 3) So there you are…in labor & things don’t go according to plan. You suddenly realize you don’t know what’s happening around you. You’re not sure why things are happening, what the hospital staff is doing, what the noises mean that you’re hearing (all those beeps & stuff) or even what […]

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