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Be Ready for Baby-

 If you believe in supporting your fellow preggos {Judgment Free} :

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Go. For. It.


What is the most inspiring quote you’ve ever heard? Or have a favorite quote above? Share it with other mamas below…

  • Susan Rifter

    I’m a big fan of the quote on here saying “your mind might be your body’s biggest constraint”. There’s such a strong mind/body connection that doesn’t seem to be talked about much during birth. It’s like all pregnant mamas have their own Olympics with the gold medal ceremony being our baby! It’s kinda cool…when else do you prepare your body & train your mind….all to get out of the way so our bodies can just do what they know how to do! Pretty cool when you think about it! Thanks for sharing, LOVED this!

    • Sarah

      Yes Susan, so true!!If more women had the perspective you do, we’d probably be amazed at the way our culture approached, embraced and changed how we do things in the maternity/labor arena. What specifically did you do to prepare your mind for birth?