What is My Due Date?


The big question after we find out we’re pregnant is usually….what is my due date? That’s a totally legit question and important to delve into. 

So what exactly does your provider do to whip up the “magical due date” for you? Well, it may not be as magical as you may think. 

In this video you’ll learn how due dates came to be, and why 40 weeks isn’t really as magical as everyone would like to hope and think that it is (womp, womp, womp). BUT there is hope, a more accurate way to get an estimated date range that takes into consideration your cycle length and if you’ve been pregnant before. PLUS, why waiting for your baby to determine his birthday is crazy, awesome, beneficial for him. 

AND  a fabulous tip on how to fend off your rockstar friends and social media stalkers from asking you every five seconds, when you’re due.