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We’re doing some things right & some things wrong…jot your opinion down to these few questions & help us get you more of what you want & less of what you don’t.

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We’re super grateful for your time. So we’re happy to give away 3 copies of Sarah’s book Going to the Motherland (that’s it at the bottom down there). It has all 5 star reviews on Amazon, its guaranteed to make you laugh (& pee your pants if your lucky) & teaches medical research & evidence the “fluffy” preggo books don’t share (you’ll learn a lot about important things & laugh at the same time :) .

We’re working hard to create the most valuable & encouraging Pregnancy & Birth Education site out there. A site that’s different. A place where you’d be really excited to join, to have as your “go to” learning hub & a community you can’t imagine not being a part of.

We’re not sure we’re doing a very good job…

Your super honest feedback will help us see what we need to change up or change out to create the perfect place (fun) with the best info (evidence based) from the most inspiring people (top experts & other moms) for you.

We’d be grateful for your candid thoughts to these few questions here…

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PS- Here is Sarah’s book right down there…. (we’ll do a drawing from all the responses we get on Monday, February 18th…click that link now & send your opinion!)

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