Chiropractic During Pregnancy Ep. 4


Chiropractic and Pregnancy- How Chiropractic Care Helped Moms During Pregnancy 

Hopefully you’ve learned a few things in these “Chiropractic and Pregnancy” episodes! This is my last chiropractic care adjustment before my baby comes. It’s crazy how time flies!

1) You’ll see my last adjustment with Dr. Taig and why this position works better with a bigger tummy.

2) She shares 2 stories how chiropractic adjustments helped other pregnant moms during pregnancy. Such incredible stories!

You’ll hear the differences described by one mom who had births without chiropractic adjustments compared to a birth with a chiropractic adjustment. 

She shares how:

  • adjustments help to keep your pelvis moving well when you’re in labor and why you can you have a faster labor b/c of chiropractic care during pregnancy.
  • your body is more efficient with chiropractic during pregnancy and how adjustments can help remove the interference caused when your body changes so much so fast. 
  • chiropractic during pregnancy with twins helped create more room for the babies in the womb.
  • chiropractic during pregnancy helps pregnant moms be more mobile, is more accommodating for baby and helps moms carry their babies easier.

Check it out and let us know what stood out to you most? Talk to ya soon!



TRANSCRIPT for Chiropractic during pregnancy Ep 4:

In this webisode, my last appointment before baby. We mix things up with this adjustment and Dr. Taig tells stories of how chiropractic has helped other pregnant mamas.

Sarah: This is a different position than I’ve been in in the past when you’ve adjusted me, so why am I here today and not on the table?

Dr. Taig: Well you have a lumbar subluxation which is the low back here. And as mom gets bigger, in order for this adjustment to work well we need to have no, anything conflicting with the tummy, we need to have more open space. On that table, even with the pillows, when I push, we’re pushing against the pillows and so the adjustment works better in this position and it’s more comfortable.
(she’s adjusting sarah)

Dr. Taig: One of my moms had two children before she had even met me. So when she met me she was pregnant with her third. So she had chiropractic care throughout her third pregnancy and so I told her ‘oh this will be good. I’m interested to hear the differences between your previous births and this one, I’m expecting it will be easier for you.’ And she just looked at me and she’s like ‘mmm don’t think so.’ Her first birth was an 18 hour labor and her second one was longer, it was 24 hours. So she’s like whatever, I know they say it’s supposed to get easier as you have more kids but it didn’t get easier for me, so don’t get my hopes up. So we took care of her, made sure her pelvis was moving well, made sure everything was balanced and after she had her third child, she came to me a few days later and says “who are you?” I said “what do you mean?” And she said “I had a 4 hour labor and compared to the other two it was so easy.” I said “that’s the difference between not being adjusted and being adjusted during pregnancy.”

Sarah: So why is it that she had a faster labor. I mean obviously you don’t know why exactly but tying in chiropractic to the 4 hour labor as opposed to the 24 hour labor she had with her second.

Dr. Taig: well this mom had never had chiropractic care ever. So she had a lot of subluxations that had been there for a while and so when you correct the restrictions and the subluxations, your body is a lot more efficient, it’s able to communicate the brain body connection. It’s able to be more efficient and quicker. We remove the interference.

Sarah: So you help the body become the most efficient it can and that include births.

Dr. Taig: that’s right and in her case that was birth. I had a mom come in who was going to have twins and one of the babies was head down but one of the other babies was head up. And we didn’t have that much time, we had maybe 3 weeks before the babies were supposed to come. And so we analyzed her pelvis and found some restriction in her sacrum, so I performed the Websters Technique and removed the sacral subluxation, it created more room for that second twin to move and to get in the right position and she was able to have both babies and actually have a home birth for both babies that was successful.

Sarah: Wow. So you did the Websters Technique which enabled her body to provide more room for the babies so the babies could do it on their own.

Dr. Taig: That’s right. That’s right. Because before that point she didn’t have any chiropractic care. So it just helps her to be more mobile to be more accommodating for those babies and gave those babies more room so mama could carry those babies easier.

Sarah: Well I’m encouraged and ready to rock! The countdown is on to meet our baby. for an easier labor & a healthy birth.