Chiropractic and Pregnancy: How Does Chiropractic Help My Pregnancy? ep. 2


How does chiropractic help my pregnancy?

I was sixteen weeks pregnant and wanted to know how chiropractic during pregnancy would give me an easier and healthy birth.

Dr. Taig taught me about my pelvic anatomy (I think I just made that term up? maybe not). She showed me how and why she keeps the Round Ligament all loosey goosey. I also pressed her to answer the question why- why would this help? why would this impact my pregnancy and how I carry my baby? Why in the world would this make my baby’s birth so much easier & faster? 

This is the second of five episodes which follow my chiropractic during pregnancy. Please follow along! We hope this answers your questions about chiropractic for you and your pregnancy.

What questions do you have about getting chiropractic care during pregnancy? Ask below!

xoxo Sarah